JDC unloading his Hot Wheels mystery box style

redlinederby Sunday, 9/10/2017
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Redline Derby member #7, Jim "JDC442" Carlson is doing what many of us might find difficult to do...selling off his Hot Wheels. Not all of them but a good chunk, and he's doing it mystery box style through his eBay auction.

Jim has been with RLD a long time and helped build things into what they are today. If you're looking for a few more cars to add to your collection - or just need donors for your projects - give his listings a look and roll your luck.

View his eBay listing


Thanks for the heads up, should be some goodies in the boxes.

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JDC442 9/11/17

Redline Derby members: if you win a box and you don't think you got your money's worth, PM me and I'll do what I can to make you happy

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LeagueofSpeed 9/11/17
Event coordinator

I've got you on the Watch List....just save some cars so you can go racing again soon!!!! I turned 50 last March....Happy Birthday and welcome to the Half Century Club!!!

  • Thanks! You know I'll be back. — JDC442
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JDC442 9/16/17

The first of 9 Surprise boxes will be won tonight!

It's gonna be GOOD!!!

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JDC442 9/19/17

Still a few Surprise Boxes left to bid on -(follow link in first post, then click "seller's other items")  

More Hot Wheel enthusiasts are getting involved in the fun, but the prices are still super reasonable right now.  Remember, if you bid on a box and win and you're not happy with what's inside/don't think you got your money's worth, I'll do what I can to make you happy.

  • Wanna make me happy.... see ya in lane two brother! :) — Traction-Event

I drained my PayPal on vintage Redlines but I might give a box a try. Do you have any beater Redlines in one of the boxes?

  • These nine boxes are all packaged, so no vintage redlines. — JDC442
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JDC442 9/20/17

Was thinking for the next series of Surprise boxes, I'll throw in a few sweet loose cars along with the packaged and yes, there will probably be a couple vintage redlines mixed in.

I always get a ton of Redlines on eBay. It's the history that makes each unique.

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JDC442 9/23/17

We're down to the final two Surprise Mystery Boxes.  Plenty of great cars left to be won - '67 Camaros, all metal Ferraris, '05 / '06 Faster than Evers are among the remaining cars and many more metal/metal castings you can't find in stores.

Join in on the fun!

Thanks to all of you who have participated.

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