July Gone In 60 Sec

Friday, July 2nd, 2021
Hosted by MTR
MTRaceway Saturday, 5/29/2021

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Gone in 60 sec has only 60 cars or less will enter. If you win here I can't see why it wouldn't be a champion anywhere else.
This is the Ultimate Diecast Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency Raceway! If you watch MTR. The race rules changed seeking ways to push fun to the Max. But can your car handle it?????
You can choose from my rack of
over 8k of cars or send your cars in.
Very important if you send a car please put in box a return label. If not, you could get (could) charged more then you ship.
I will ship it back the best way I know how and thats with insurance.

(Understand the track)
This track is over 9ft easy not giving details ???? But just like a real race. Your cars could go in mid ?? lol joking but its 100% Unpredictable. They could fall off the track or be smooth as butter. This is a real diecast race damage could happen.

You may have the fastest car which the 1st finishline Is Dragrace will tell you that. The 2sec will let you know about the Efficiency of your car performance balance, alignment and aerodynamics of your car. I give it 7 out 10 of a challenge. But then comes the real test. 3rd Finishline Endurance race. Can your car keep it up as from the start of the race a up hill race begins then down hill from there. As your car races to the end with an nail biting ???? effort to receive points.
We will see in..... July Gone In 60 Sec

Car Rules weight under 80grams
Keep the car looking factory with your choice of weights and wheels.
If the car been lifted added hardware do to weights it out and no money return to you at all but you can
Choose from my cars is the only option after that. No I don't know how fast it goes but I will turn it up to finish all 3 Finishline.
Each race i will graphite the car 1 time at the start of the race and thats it.
Any other concerns look for this post on MTR group page.

NOTE: Cry. Babies not allowed you will get kick out the race ASAP. Sometimes you lose and win.

1 Finishline 5 points
2 Finishline 10 points
3 Finishline 15 points

Prizes will be shown in the Mid June with a MTR trophy ???? 1st, 2nd and (New) 3rd place winners.

To enter its $10 a car. Limited 2 per person. So if your wife, child or friend want to enter. He has to have a racing Team name.
I will try not to have your cars race against each other unless they both make it to the next level. If you good you just that good.

I hope to see you all there. Let's have a good time for sure.

Rules & restrictions

  • Stock and modified entries allowed
  • 80g maximum weight
  • 1/64 scale
  • Limit 2 entries per household
  • FTE/NPA axles allowed. All wheels
  • Dry lube only

Dates & deadlines

All entries must be received by the host before Friday, 6/25/2021. Racing is scheduled for Friday, 7/2/2021. Results will be posted on or after that date as is convenient for the host.

How to enter

Send your entries to:
2628 Greenwood Drive
Portsmouth va. 23702

Include at least $10.00 for return shipping if you want your entries back. Entries will not be returned if you dont have a return label in your box. If I have to return your car back it wont be cheap because i will add insurance to the package so there it protects me and you.

Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry


Not for Cry Babies but those who are high in the fun factor Experience/professionals level diecast lovers out there.

Race format and scoring

A set of 6 cars racing 7 laps. The highest points moves on to the next race. Note: 2nd place winner in that race could move on. If we reach 60 cars . Then the format will be released early. July locks in the racers and from the total of cars I will then put out the format of how it's about to go down.


Cars over 80g, cars got weights out or diecast lifted is out. You can choose from my batch or sit it out.

Cars that fail to run or fit on the track is out. But a car happen to break during racing, will not forfeit their matches but get fix. Cars that arrive broken will attempt to be minimally repaired before the racing begins. Cars that break during racing will be repaired i am your pit crew lol. I want everyone to have a chance to win. But I won't text the repair. Like a real Raceway the test in the race.


Will get a MTR logo for 1st to 3rd place. And in mid June
Prizes from 1 - 3 will be showed.


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Ca$h Money Boy$ in!! Got two already built for you!! 

  • Awesome! You know what time it is! Lol Thank you! — MTRaceway
  • Awesome see you then. Just do paypal (dallas061379@gmail.com) or cash app ($Mealtkt) and send it with the form — MTRaceway
  • Will Do! Shipping out this friday (june 11) — CaShMoneyBoyS

ROADRAGE RACING ..... in the wings building and sending cars .. Lets gooooo! 

View member profile
SpyDude 5/30/21

Open field, as in any kind of car? Tooned, real, fantasy, whatever?

  • Yes. All is welcome. For mario cart to S7 Saleen. No cars lifted because of weights in it. You can paint the windows to cover your weight thats cool. — MTRaceway
  • Yes indeed. Hint don't — MTRaceway
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Numbskull 5/30/21

Count me in please.

Numbskull Inc.

  • Will do! — MTRaceway
  • Awesome see you then. Just do paypal (dallas061379@gmail.com) or cash app ($Mealtkt) and send it with the form — MTRaceway

Sounds like a challenge. You can put me down for two entries. 1st and 2nd place. No cry babies will be coming from RoadRunner Raceway.

Snow Valley Racing ... Marcus Firegone & Snake are in!!!

  • ????Thank you and all who join too. — MTRaceway

Love your track. Just a quick question.  What do you mean by lifted?   I want to build a car just need some clarification on that. 

  • Probably like four-wheel-drive - tall cars seem not to do real well on this track because of the radical curves. — SpyDude
  • Ok Cool just say lifted car like a full fat man's belly. I want to see the car as it is frame and body together. Not looking like it has a 2inch lift. Join MTR on fb. Any question I can answer the quicker. Im learning this site. Sorry for delay. — MTRaceway
  • Thanks spydude ???? — MTRaceway
  • What he means by lifted is when you add so much weight that you can't put the chassis and base of the car back together again. The car needs to fit back together with a nice snug fit and not look it has been altered at all ... just like it came fresh out of the package. — MarcusFiregone

Variat Skunkworks.  I did send a message via face book about wanting to submit a couple of cars.  I'm not sure that was the proper route to go, so I'm asking to join in via the Redline Derby msg board.  Let me know if I'm in

Thanks Mark

  • Awesome see you then. Just do paypal (dallas061379@gmail.com) or cash app ($Mealtkt) and send it with the form — MTRaceway

White Nuckle Motoring and The EH team are in...will have a pair ready to race...

  • Awesome see you then. Just do paypal (dallas061379@gmail.com) or cash app ($Mealtkt) and send it with the form — MTRaceway
  • Payment sent…let’s race! — Crazy_Canuck

Is it too late for NJ Drive Racing to participate in your race?  I would like to send in a pair to race!  Let me know, thanks!

  • Nope. You on time man. Awesome see you then. Just do paypal (dallas061379@gmail.com) or cash app ($Mealtkt) and send it with the form — MTRaceway
  • Will do! Thanks — WallyChamp73
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SpyDude 6/5/21

That entire top section of the track looks like black track.  As I recall, that is just slightly narrower than regular orange track.  So vehicles have to be able to fit that track or they won't race? (I have a couple of cars I was considering sending, but they are wall to wall on the orange track with no give whatsoever.)

  • On that information. Wide cars like the bugatti is very hard to race. It has no forgiveness. — MTRaceway

Biff Kirby here with Commotion Diecast still have room for more? I have 2 ready 

  • Yes indeed. — MTRaceway
  • Awesome see you then. Just do paypal (dallas061379@gmail.com) or cash app ($Mealtkt) and send it with the form — MTRaceway

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