K-Mart Days on 2/12/11

Bandeezee Saturday, 1/22/2011

Hey, just wanted to remind everyone about Kdays coming up on 2/12/11. They have some nice first to market cars and also a great looking convoy custom mail-in car.

I really would like to get that '63 Corvette split window that's coming out that day.

Here's a link to the event details.

Here's a link to the convoy custom mail-in details.


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GrabberGT 1/22/11

Gee Thanks for letting me know. The closest participating K-Mart is 170 miles away.

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Bandeezee 1/22/11

That stinks, I guess there aren't that many K-Mart's around anymore. Time to call up some family that live near one and ask them for a favor What do they really have to do in the morning anyway?

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Just_Will 1/26/11

What happens at these K-mart days. Do they give cars away for free? or is it a day when they unbox Hot Wheels so collectors can get first dibs? I never been to one.

There is a k-mart here that is going to do it, do i need to sign up for anything?
Am I gonna have to camp outside all night, its kinda cold here in Maryland.
Anything for a Hot Wheels, right?

The stores get in unopened cases and you should find some Treasure Hunts and possibly a Super Treasure Hunt or two. They also will have some K-Mart exclusives and some new releases.

Generally they give everyone a ticket and call out numbers. If your number is called, you get to pick no more than 5 cars in a certain time frame.

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Jobe 1/27/11

Closest one to me is an hour away...all the Kmarts are gone from Austin...very few left in Texas, I guess Walmart is having their way with them.

And...I forgot to mention. You can send in 20 HW Cards and get a special collectible car. Those have to be purchased from K-Mart but don't have to be purchased on K-Mart days.

I have 3 within 40 miles of me. One I normally goes to, generally only has 20 people and most people get a chance at the treasure hunt. This time our first HW race is at 10:00 that morning. There is a K-Mart about 10 minutes away from our race track--so we are going to stop at this K-Mart at 9:00. I heard they get 50+ people though, so it will be harder to have a chance at the treasure hunts.

Here is all of the info on it. http://www.hotwheelscollectors.com/news/news.aspx?news_id=1116

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redlinederby 1/27/11
Site manager

I'm not that big of a complete collector so I usually don't get to KMart until the afternoon when all the "festivities" are over in terms of handing out boxes and stuff. By the time I get to the store there is usually one or two tables setup with what I assume are left overs on the table...which I happily pick through and get new cars

I wish I had more photos from the one I reviewed last year...
http://www.redlinederby.com/2009/11/loc ... ector-day/

Gotta say that after I saw photos and read stories about HW Days on other blogs, the one in my town was pretty underwhelming. But hey...I'm just looking for new cars anyway. I don't need a bunch of hassle or worry.

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