King of the Throne

Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Hosted by Flying Donut Diecast Racing
FlyingDonutDiecastRacing Wednesday, 12/28/2022

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What's that smell?! This January 29th, Flying Donut Raceway will be hosting "King of the Throne". Get ready to flush away the competition in this best two out of three style drag race. We'll be racing for pinks, the first place winner receives the losers' cars!

To enter, send your car to Flying Donut Diecast Racing at PO Box 786, Jonestown, PA 17038. Be sure to enclose a note with your car stating your driver and/or team name. All entries should be received no later than Friday, January 27th. Please include a $3 entry fee, this will help cover cost of shipping to the winner. Any extra money received will be put aside to purchase giveaway prizes for future races.

Race Regulations:

• Entries will be restricted to 3 castings:
1. Hot Seat (Hot Wheels)
2. Gotta Go (Hot Wheels)
3. Poop King (Matchbox)

• Dry lube only.

• Unlimited weight, but all weight must be hidden inside the casting, under the casting, or inside the toilet bowl.

• No Frankenstein builds. Chassis and body must match.

• Must fit standard Hot Wheels track.

• Any wheels, axles, tubes allowed.

• Fill windows allowed.

• A driver figure is allowed/encouraged for hot seat but not required.

Hope to see you there!


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NDeavers80 12/28/22

Sign me up

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GT_Diecast 12/29/22

What do you mean in the toilet?

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Uncle_Elvis 12/29/22

Let me in, see if I can go 2 for 2 on that track. 

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RAGTAG_JIM 12/30/22

Ill build a crappy car!!!!!

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WallyChamp73 12/30/22

Can New Jersey Drive participate?

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CraigsterSr 12/31/22

'Hot Nuts Diecast' is in... 'Special Guest' driver to be announced... Casting 'Gotta' Go!'

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Endcount 1/2/23

I will send in a golden throned poop machine. 

Lol, im just now seeing this!! It be intresting to see some of these builds!!


How many spots can we have? We have 5 drivers that work on there own cars (my brother and I, two nephew's and my son). 3 drivers at one address and 2 at another.


Kelston Gray 

Grayboys Racing drivers: 

#111 Kelston Gray (Me)

#54 Chandler Gray (son)

#34 Hudson Gray (Nephew)

#18 Easton Gray (Nephew)

#15 Kyle Gray (Brother)

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SpyDude 1/10/23

The Gotta Go #1 truck is yellow.

The Gotta Go #2 truck is brown.

Just leaving that thought here for now .....

* Attention *

Tomorrow's "King of the Throne" race will be rescheduled for Tuesday, 31st. One of the participants entry's has been delayed by the post office and will not arrive on time. Please understand that the package was sent over night and should've been here yesterday, this is no fault of participant. He has met the deadline. That being said, the race now is full. Don't be slick and try to overnight something in time for Tuesday. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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Thank you flying donut for a great race and for everyone the came to race!!!!!

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