KotM and the Foriegn Legion

LeagueofSpeed Wednesday, 4/8/2020
Event coordinator

The pandemic has really driven 3D'S membership...but people in the international scene really can't send cars to the KotM tournament like us and Canada can...so, after talking with 3D about it...I'll be retuning some older Mods...since I've got 3 years worth sitting around...so I'll be sending some in for people in far away places...they'll be the Drivers and I'll supply the cars...should be a lot of fun to get people racing out there who otherwise couldn't do so...or would be more problematic to send in cars from say Tokyo.


I'd be interested in sending some extras too. I have a couple that I wasn't totally satisfied but I think will still do well in KotM if I tune them up.

I’d be interesting in joining in the Legion as well and sending in some extra mods I have too. Let me know and we could all team up maybe?

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GBRacing 4/9/20

Is it not possible to receive this packages or anything? Because from the Netherlands it is quite easy to ship a small package (up to 350 gram) to the United States for around 11 dollar. 

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LeagueofSpeed 4/9/20
Event coordinator

Here's the lowdown...3D doesn't want a bunch of Builds sent in for Drivers...he asked me and I said I was going to do 6 cars...one already spoken for...so I'll be offering 5 more on his FB page and he doesn't want turds...so basically...if you wouldn't race the car yourself...for yourself...don't send it. The cars I'll be offering for the Foriegn Legion are fast to the letter League of Speed Builds.

  • Good luck. I won't be sending any cars for anyone. — NDeavers80

We've talked already about this and once again thank you for this opportunity. Will the drivers be able to choose a car, or know what car will they drive?

I asked him if I could send in some extra cars and he told me no.

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LeagueofSpeed 4/10/20
Event coordinator

Yeah...he's just getting a lot of cars...so he liked the idea but only a small amount...so, he's okay with me doing 6 total 

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