Land Rover just can't win

redlinederby Sunday, 9/12/2010
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I'm really beginning to hate the Land Rover. I expected the Land Rover to be retired after the first couple weeks because after last season, it's clearly a sure-fire winner. But oh no, it keeps coming in and winning up to the final and then chokes. It just can't win...

...but I guess that makes it even more desirable, huh? I mean, if a car wins it's retired...and the Land Rover wins until the end, meaning it can come back, so you know it's good for 3 rounds of winning at least. That's 55 easy points in every tournament.

Of course, as the other cars (like the ZR1) do win, I kept thinking that the Rover would win eventually. But then you get some other car - like the Woody - that comes out of no where and beats the Rover. The Woody? Really? If that didn't catch everyone off guard in the Heavy Metal tournament, then you should go to Vegas.

All in all...I guess the Land Rover proves this season is at least a surprise thanks to the tournament format. And while the Rover is good for 50 some odd points, that alone won't get you very far.


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markkaz 9/12/10

The Woody has good weight to be above average but not
enough to make it a champ. Good observations.

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