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Playz Tuesday, 1/11/2022

I am in a constant battle with actual real daylight ( the best) and darker conditions that require good lighting or the video quality just drops of a cliff.

my question is...does anyone know of a reasonable costing lighting kit that I won't have to mortgage the house for that will allow for higher fps and shutter speed recording.

i see a plethora of lighting kits on eBay and aliexpress etc but I don't really want to be a test mule to find out there are no better than what I have.

I'll post a couple of links not to promote but some feed back on if they are a possibility.

many help would be much appreciated!!! 





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Douglas 1/12/22

I've got under cabinet led lighting. I'm gonna try it's color change. Looks good in person but still need to video. 

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redlinederby 1/12/22
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Here's a topic about the lighting studio kit I got off Amazon. Not exatly TV studio quality but far better than the string of lights I had prior. All in all, I spent less than $100 to get everything up and it's worked great. All that being said, I don't do any crazy high speed shutters or anything so I can't say anything about that. I'm shooting at 60fps of my iPhone and then slowing it down in post.

But also, check out the Video & Photography section to see what other links and ideas others have shared.

And whatever you end up finding, please let everyone know!

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revhobbies 1/12/22

I think you can get away with less expensive lighting if you are shooting in 60fps but if you are going for 120fps you will need some good lighting and 240fps will be even more.  240fps you may run into problems if using regular LED lights because it will pick up the strobing from the light.  LED lights pulse at around 120hz and the slow motion at 240fps will pick it up.  At least that is what I have experienced with the lighting that I have tried.

Are you trying to get a compact size light to fit it into a small space or nook in your track?

If not you can probably go with something like This light kit which is fairly cheap and then get something like These bulbs.  Don't know if that will still be enough light for 120fps though.

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Chaos_Canyon 1/12/22

I use a range of soft box and bulbs on one track and led panels on another. The led panels are bright, easily adjustable and don't take up much space. I'll get the details off them tonight. They were about $300nzd each and give really good light. You'd probably need 2-3 for a track your size. I also use led light strips for areas under track overhangs (like the finish straight at the canyon as it's under the bridge)

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We bought two of these sets. Everything we shoot is shot in 4K /120fps or higher. They have been extremely helpful in eliminating strobe effect in slow motion. You can also dim them to get a darker shot. You must also consider how fast are you moving the camera. If you're shooting in 60fps and the shot is very fast, you're going to end up with a grainy blurry shot. Then you will try to slow down the speed to compensate. Alas the strobe effect. Give these a shot. Im sure you will be happy.  They worked in our unfinished studio. And it was the number one reason to redesign Brick Mountain. We wanted these lights to reflect off off white ceilings. So Down came the entire studio.... up goes all the drywall and paint, and hopefully the end result will be a much crisper, smoother shot. Keep us posted on what works for you.    * Just another element of this Iceburg hobby that's below the surface!! Good Luck

ShowMaven 45W Dimmable LED Light with Double Color Temperature Continuous Lighting Studio Kit,3 Packs 20x28 Inches Studio Softbox, for Photo Studio Portrait, Video Shooting www.amazon.com/dp/B085VXPW1Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_0K6D5VH75SKMK0GJ1YV1 

  • Thanks for that! I was leaning towards that setup and it’s good to know they do work. I just didn’t want to waste $$ and keep experimenting on useless products. — Playz
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Playz 1/17/22

Thanks to everyone for their input, hopefully it will help someone else too!

I'll update the thread in future with purchasing and experience 

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Chaos_Canyon 1/18/22

These are the LED panels I'm using now - They're Yongnuo YN 900's. Pretty happy with them. Low profile and no strobing. 

If you're out looking for lights, and you're allowed to test them - I use my slomo camera setting on my phone - if they strobe in the preview, stay away from them, but if it's clear, then you should be good to go

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