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LifeLine Tournament! (Fantasy)

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PeteB 4/10/19

Dayum! Some really close racing there. Already getting exciting.

  • Glad I have the finish line, the Hammer Down vs Govner match was impossible to tell who won without it! — WorpeX
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THUNDER 4/18/19

I'm using my first lifeline FTE Ferrari F40.

  • Nice! You can choose the upgrade car or give me a number between 1-27 and ill pick for your. Here are all the FTEs: — WorpeX
  • #4 — THUNDER
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WorpeX 4/18/19


DC Wheels has selected to his first Lifeline to upgrade the Ferrari F40 into a GTX1 FTE for this round.

i need a lifeline.

1-27 for boneshaker

  • Good call on that! I did run the races early since I had a day off and the Bone Shaker didn't win... Luckily, its got another shot now! — WorpeX
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WorpeX 4/20/19


HotWheelsRacing has selected to use his first Lifeline to upgrade the Bone Shaker into a Triumph TR6 FTE for this round.

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WorpeX 4/22/19

16 Winners Remain, With 1 Fewer Rival

Around The Tournament

  • Notable matches this week...
    • Half the field has been elminated.
    • A favorite starting the tournament, the Sol-Aire was elminated early by the Speed Seeker and Fire Eater.
    • Honda Spocket, who defeated DC Wheel's Chevy Monza last week, was elminated by Dodge Demon.
    • Octane, who defeated PeteBs Charger last week, was elminated by Nerve Hammer.
    • The Final Matchbox was eliminated this week. Only Hotwheels remain.
    • The Final 16 in the Winners Bracket Include:
      • 6 Sponsored Cars plus The Demon, Baja Bug, Silver Bullet, F-150, Retro-Active, Shredster, Dieselboy, Turbo Flame, Salt Flat Racer, Studebaker Champ

Round 4 Match-Ups

[HotWheelsRacing] Bone Shaker vs AMC Javelin

[DC Wheels] Ferrari F40 vs Toyota Corolla

[HWCalgary] Funny Car vs Acura HSC

[BigPoppy] Turbolence vs [RIVAL] El Ray Special

[WorpeX] Hammer Down vs Studebaker Champ

[HWCalgary] Snake vs Dieselboy

[HotWheelsRacing] Cadillac V-16 vs Retro-Active

[BigPoppy] Way 2 Fast vs Salt Flat Racer

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WorpeX 4/26/19

Your_Nightmare has requested to join the tournament and is asking for Thomassimma 3 and the Dieselboy.

I'm totally okay with the first but I wanted to make sure no one objects to allowing him to sponsor an undefeated car this late into the event. Furthermore, its up against HotwheelsCalgary this week. If no one objects by monday i'm going to let him have it!

  • I didnt realize how far the bracket rounds have gone. If you all decide to not accept my fantasy picks, I'll respect that call. If you dont mind me joining the fun, thank you in advance! — Your_Nightmare
  • No. Just for the fact that it's late in the season. If it were earlier then yes. — SavageSpeeder
  • Okay, fair enough. Mind picking a second from the losers bracket Nightmare? The list is here, find one with 1 loss: — WorpeX
  • No worries. I'll take the silver bullet if it's available. Thanks! — Your_Nightmare
  • I couldn't access the link you posted directly so I went back to the main list. — Your_Nightmare
  • Corvette SR2 is in the losers bracket so I'll go with it because I think the other is in the winners bracket. — Your_Nightmare
  • missed this before I raced and did the video. Luckily, the SR2 won this week! haha — WorpeX
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WorpeX 4/29/19

Week 4 has been completed!

Around The Tournament

Round 5 Match-ups

Loser Bracket:

[DC Wheels] Ferrari F40 vs Nitro Doorslammer

[Nightmare] Thomassima 3 vs Shredster

[HWCalgary] Snake vs Acura HSC

Winners Bracket:

[BigPoppy] Turbolence vs [HotWheelsRacing] Cadillac V-16

[WorpeX] Hammer Down vs Dieselboy

[BigPoppy] Way 2 Fast vs Silver Bullet

Ford F-150 vs Turbo Flame

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WorpeX 5/6/19

Week 5! The tournament gets reduced to a mere 24 cars!

Around The Tournament

  • Notable Matches This week...
    • Winners Bracket:
      • All Winners Bracket mathes have been recorded. Watch the video!
    • Losers Bracket
      • Shadow Jet eliminates crowd favorite car, The Demon. The cars nickname "Gspeed" was named after RedlineDerby member "GspeedR" who donated the demon to WorpeX Racing.
      • Ford GTX-1 has looked completely unchallenged in the losers bracket thus far. It easily defeats the Studebaker Champ this week. The only close match the car has had was in its Week 1 Loss to Silver Bullet.
      • The only car sporting "High Speed" wheels, the Toyota Truck, was eliminated this week by the Taurus Stocker.
      • Baja Bug, who took out the Rival GT Racer, was eliminated by Lamborghini Estoque.

Round 6 Match-ups

Winners Bracket

Note: This is the last winners bracket race! The two winners will advance directly to the finals.

[BigPoppy] Way 2 Fast vs Turbo Flame

[HotWheelsRacing] Cadillac V-16 vs Dieselboy

Losers Bracket

Note: There are 2 weeks of losers bracket races left

[Nightmare] Corvette SR2 vs [DC Wheels] Ferrari F40

[BigPoppy] Turbolence vs [WorpeX] Hammer Down

[HWCalgary] Snake vs IROC Firebird

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WorpeX 5/9/19

Any Lifelines this week?

I for sure need one. Gonna do an FTE upgrade on my Hammer Down. Can someone give me a number between 1-25? I don't wanna pick my own cause thats kinda cheating.

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WorpeX 5/10/19


WorpeX has selected to use his first Lifeline to upgrade the Hammer Down into a Delorean FTE for this round.

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