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LifeLine Tournament! (Fantasy)

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WorpeX 5/13/19

Only two weeks left!

Around The Tournament

Round 7 Match-ups

Note: Last round to use LifeLines!

Note: WorpeX has elected to use his Rebuild Car Lifeline on Hammer Down.

Losers Bracket

[DC Wheels] Ferrari F40 vs Turbo Flame

[BigPoppy] Turbolence vs Speed Shark

[HWCalgary] Snake vs Lamborghini Estoque

[WorpeX] Hammer Down vs Taurus Stocker

  • Winning Cars this week advance to the Grand Final.
  • Way 2 Fast and Cadillac V-16 have previously advanced to the Grand Final.
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WorpeX 5/14/19

This round will be a little delayed as i'll be on vacation this weekend. Aiming for next wednesday to have the results up!

Hope we see some lifelines used this week. This is the last chance to use them!

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THUNDER 5/15/19

I'll use the rebuild lifeline.

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WorpeX 5/15/19

DC-Wheels has elected to use his Rebuild Car Lifeline on Chevy Monza.

[DC Wheels] Chevy Monza vs Super Comp Dragster

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WorpeX 5/21/19

Just finished racing. WOW, some huge upsets this week! One massive one in particular that I am stunned about. Not a car I expected to see in the finals!

Anyway, I videoed all the races this round (7). Can't wait to get them posted! Here are the final 2 races which were not previously announced (no sponsor cars in the races):

Retro-Active vs Silver Bullet

Diselboy vs El Ray Special

Quick note on the El Ray... I never actually removed the rivals from the tournament after they lost. The idea was for them to be replaced by cars from the "rebuild lifeline" so that I didn't have any bye's to deal with. However, with two cars being rebuilt this week, I never had to replace it! (GT racer got its second lost awhile back).

As for the finals, it will be a 9 car single elimination tournament. I will be seeding all the cars by strength of schedule. Seeds 8 and 9 will be racing an additional race against each other.

That should wrap that up. Hope to have the video and results up tomorrow night!

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WorpeX 5/22/19

The footage from my laptop crapped out after the first race apparently, so no finish line cam for this.


Seedings are as follows:

1: Cadillac V-16 [HotWheelsRacing]

2: Way 2 Fast [BigPoppy]

3: Silver Bullet

4: Dieselboy

5: Turbo Flame

6: Hammer Down [WorpeX]

7: Speed Shark

8: Snake [HWCalgary]

9: Super Comp Dragster

Bracket for finals is here:

here's my bracket

  • If I were to have made a bracket, it would have been exactly this! I'm sure there will be a few surprises in here though. I am still stunned the Turbolence lost this week! — WorpeX
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WorpeX 6/1/19


Thanks everyone for participating! Hope you all had as much fun as I did making these videos and racing it. Congratulations to the winner!

LET'S GOOOO!!!!!!!We kicked BUTT. As soon as I seen that car when I picked it I knew it would win.

  • Congrats! That v-16 is pretty damn fast! — WorpeX

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