Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club next meeting March 12th

kylejake Monday, 2/14/2011

The club will hold its next meeting on Saturday March 12th doors open at 8:30 am. Downhill Johnny Lightning Racing, Vendor tables, Raffle prizes kids/adults, Meeting location MacColl Field YMCA (Youth Center) 26 Breakneck Hill Road Lincoln, Rhode Island (See sign 12-14 Breakneck Hill Rd. for entrance). For directions and more info. on the club visit You can also LIKE the club on facebook or Follow us on Twitter!!! We are the Official Johnny Lightning Race Club of RC2/Learning Curve.

Jeremy Morin

President of the club


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kylejake 2/14/11

We are always looking for more compitition in the Downhill Racing classes. If you are interested in Racing at our club from out of state let us know! We get Johnny Lightning cars mailed alot from out of state to compete. We will mail your cars back to you safely with a time slip on what your car did on our track. Get In on the Fun!!!

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Jobe 2/14/11

Might have to buy a Johnny Lightning car or two...

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redlinederby 2/15/11
Site manager

First off, welcome to Redline Derby! We're glad to have more racing fan here to join in the discussions. I think you'll find lots of great racing shoptalk here between collecting, racing and the fantasy league.

I've never purchased a JL car so I have no idea how they compared to Hot Wheels. Should be a fun learning experience if nothing else. I'll try to remember to pick out a fast looking JL car next time I'm at the store and ship it Rhode Island! Probably not for the March races but this Spring for sure.

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Jobe 2/15/11

I have a couple that came in a box of cars I bought on ebay, both were slightly damaged but were pretty dang fast.
I think they are all metal tops and bottoms, at least the cars I have. THey are over my usual $1 limit so I havn't bought any.

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kylejake 2/15/11

If anyone is interested in sending Johnny Lighnings to compete at our club here is the address. 7 Vista Drive Lincoln, R.I. 02865 attn. Jeremy Morin. We are looking foward to more compitition!

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JDC442 3/1/11

I bought a bunch of Johnny Lightning cars in 2002, mostly 60s and 70s muscle cars and most are still in the package. I'll have to pull some out and race them to see which are fast.
How often do you hold these races? Don't think I'll have time to send in cars for this next race. Maybe a future race though

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Jobe 3/1/11

I don't see these in the store very often, where do you usually buy them?

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JDC442 3/1/11

I bought most of mine at a local sporting goods store named Yeagers. They had a sweet toy department in their basement. Also used to find some good ones at Toys R Us. Like you Jobe, I haven't really seen any good ones in some time. The Walmart ones are sorta cheesy.

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