Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club

Sunday, November 9th, 2014
kylejake Tuesday, 10/28/2014

The club will hold its next races on Sunday November 9th at the MacColl YMCA located at 26 Breakneck Hill Rd Lincoln RI doors open at 8:30 am to the public. We will also ask anyone that is attending to please bring three can goods for our annual food drive to help those in need for Thanksgiving. We will also have our Monster Jam Truck Race to benefit A Wish Come True. For more information on the club visit us at 


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FOTF 10/30/14

Hope you don't mind if one of your Race Committee Members gives an exclusive SPOILER:

Coming to the LJLRC in 2015 is a HW Stock Class!  Any Hot Wheels except Redlines and Funny Cars.  I know a lot of people around here have a lot of Hot Wheels, so SEND 'EM ON IN to race down the big track!

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redlinederby 10/31/14
Site manager

Oooo...great news to hear about a stock league. Should give lots of folks that don't mod a great option.

Once the stocks start running next year, please let me know and we can figure out some great promotional stuff to do and get more people sending in cars.

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kylejake 11/2/14

Thanks Redlinederby for promoting our new race class Hot Wheels Stock. This is going to be a competitive class!

Do you have to be a member of LJLRC? $10 a year right?

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kylejake 11/2/14

Traction Event its 10.00 dollars a year for a Basic Membership. You receive a monthly online newsletter and a membership card.

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