Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club

Saturday, May 9th, 2015
kylejake Sunday, 5/3/2015

Downhill Gravity Racing on three tracks including a Hot Wheels Monster Jam race to benefit A Wish Come True, Vendor tables with lots of die cast for buy, sell, and trade, Raffle prizes, Cool door prizes, We will also be hosting the Redlinederby Outlaw Pro Stock Shootout. So if you are in the New England area stop by!


I truly wish I had a club close to me that was this dedicated and organized. My wife shows me the updates and photos on FB...seriously cool stuff going on here. 

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kylejake 5/4/15

Thank You Traction Event! We all work very hard each and every day to make the Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club the best die cast racing club. A lot of work goes into it and I couldn't do it without my core guys one being Dadvball (Bill Hicks)!

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KandORacing 5/4/15

Chris, you could always mail in cars like I do if you wanted to. I always have lots of fun waiting for the results. Every 2nd Sunday of each month gets me all excited!

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2seven 5/6/15

KandORacing, can you shed some light on what they race? I looked over the webpage and FB but, I am still unclear? Every 2nd Sunday? If I would like to send in cars whats the rules weight & wheels and such? Im excited to have my trucks in the Outlaw race be present this weekend. Thank in advance for this rookie's info


I put my money where my mouth was, mailed a check...I just want to help support the folks who support us.



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FOTF 5/6/15

Thanks, Traction Event!  But you should have mailed a few cars along with it!  Ha-ha-ha.

Two7--the LJLRC races all stock cars (except for when it hosts RLD events, and when/if we have a special modded race) of varying types: we have classes for JL cars, HWs that aren't F/Cs or Redlines, MBXs that aren't Laser Wheels, we've got another class for most cars of all brands, JL Forever 64s, cars that qualify as "Lightning Fast," and alternating Feature Races.  We race hundreds of cars every month, and have a lot of fun doing it!  And of course--as I suggested to TE, and as K&O can attest to--the LJLRC welcomes mail-in racers.  If you're interested, send me a PM, and I'll see if I can dig up the list of rules I'd sent TE awhile back.

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KandORacing 5/6/15

Like FOTF said, they mainly race stock cars but it is a blast to wait to hear who won. And they give out gorgeous awards to the winners! 

The classes they race are:

 - Johnny Lightning Stock (Any stock, unmodifed Johnny Lightning is allowed in this class except for SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks or BWF '69 Camaros.)

 - Forever 64 (For newer, slower Johnny Lightnings from the Forever 64 line)

 - Amateur (Any brand of plastic chassied diecast vehicle. This class is for new racers at the club, or those who have not yet won any of the other classes.)

 - Any Brand Diecast (Any brand of stock, unmodified diecast vehicle is allowed except for BWF '69 Camaros or busses.)

 - Hot Wheels Stock (Any stock, unmodified Hot Wheels car except for Redlines and Funny Cars)

 - Matchbox Stock (Any stock, unmodified Matchbox except for Laser Wheels cars or Busses.)

 - Feature Race (A different theme every month.)

- Lightning Fast 1 (This class is for black with flames '69 Camaros only. They must run a certain ET or faster to qualify to race.)

 - Lightning Fast 2 (This class is open to any stock, unmodified diecast vehicle that fits the track except for BWF '69 Camaros. They must run a certain ET or faster to qualify to race.)

 - Monster Jam (Class for HW Monster trucks. Entry money from the racers' entries goes to the Make a Wish charity fund.)

Each entry is $0.50 a car, except for Monster Jam and the Lightning Fast classes, which are $1.00 per car. It is free to try to qualify your car for either Lightning Fast class.

All cars raced at the LJLRC must be 100% stock, with no lubricants added whatsoever. This means no graphite, no oil, no soap, no snot, (had to throw that last one in to see if anyone would notice. LOL).

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FOTF 5/6/15

Amazing I would forget the Monster Trucks...ha-ha-ha.  But yeah, that's the rundown!

When K&O mentions "Buses," he's talking about Matchbox's Disney Tour Buses--huge things about the size of TV remotes that they sell at the amusement parks.  Those and I believe all other cars over 3" long are retired from everything except Lightning Fast 2.

He's right--the trophies are great!  And thankfully, they aren't covered with snot either, ha-ha-ha.

This month, it's actually going to be taking place on the second Saturday, since the next day is Mother's Day; however, it's usually on the second Sunday (except for the December Finals, which usually take place on the first Sunday).

  • At one time earlier this year I thought I recalled Jeremy telling me the Finals will be on the second Sunday from now on. — KandORacing
  • And it is amazing you would forgot the Monster Trucks when you've been doing so well in that class, hahaha. — KandORacing
  • That would definitely be my vote for the Finals! Ha-ha. And I know--I've won three out of their seven MJ races. — FOTF
  • Half, if you count last year's three-truck MJ Finals. — FOTF
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