LJLRC 1/4 Mile Monsters Modified Race May 8th

Sunday, May 8th, 2016
kylejake Monday, 3/21/2016

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Hey modified car builders! The May 8, 2016 modified class race will be called "1/4 Mile Monsters" open to cars that you would see at a drag strip. Muscle cars, gassers, funny cars, dragsters, altereds. Sorry No trucks, suvs or vans. 4.5 inches long max. Any weight. With 5 weight classes.  Up to 40 grams.41 to 60 grams.61 to 80 grams. 81 to 100 grams. And 100+ grams. Dry lubes only. Medals for each class winner. Hurry and get your cars into the staging area.


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kylejake 3/21/16

No fantasy or concept cars in the 1/4 mile monster modified race. Must be a dragster or production street car.

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kylejake 4/9/16

Update in the rules for the May 1/4 mile monsters modified class.  If you are planning to run a funny car with no rivets to be drilled,  you must drill a hole in the chassis to identify it as a modified car. This will keep people from running them in stock class again. Once a car is modified it cannot be changed back to stock.

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kylejake 4/16/16

Slight rule change for the May modified race class... pick ups, vans and SUVs are permitted. All vehicles will compete in their various weight classes. 

Builders start sending photos of your entries and their weights in grams.

Just thinking out loud here:  With about 2weeks to go before cars need to get mailed... Seems to be some late changes that could have an impact on those that have started building... . Also 4 classes of cars this month could hinder the number of participants. We only had 7 racers last month, with one class. 

I know this is the first year for modified class racing with LJLRC.  A solid, structured, unchanging set of rules each month will help mail in guys get their builds right, and in on time. 

My 2 cents... only worth half of that. 

  • I was going write that same exact post...couldn't agree more — 72_Chevy_C10

I've already started building three trucks for this one.

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kylejake 4/17/16

RedlineDerby racers let me know how many of you are building car's for our 1/4 Mile Monsters Modified Race? I agree on the late change in rules so let me know how many you have built and are definitely in. This is our 4th Modified Class so we just need some more input to help us make this a more competitive class. Thank you for your patience!

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Eastbound357 4/17/16

I'll be entering this race.

I should have 2 for this race... 41-60g class, and 60-80g class

I can fit a nuke-shaped fishing weight inside my van to get it at over 100 grams! It's literally the bomb!

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