LJLRC 50 Gram Class 3-13-16

Sunday, March 13th, 2016
kylejake Thursday, 2/25/2016

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We are very excited to be kicking off our second Modified Race in a couple of weeks! Please make sure to get your cars out ASAP. Same address to send car's 7 Vista Drive Lincoln RI 02865 attn Jeremy Morin. Basic rules 50 grams, Dry lubricant only, Any Brand casting, No casting over 3 inches. Any questions please contact me at 401-248-1625 or email me at jeremy@ljlrc.com 


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fordman 2/28/16

The boys down in the Sloppy Garage fabbed up a little something for the second LJLRC modd race...

1955 chebby gasser with a '50 ford [shoebox] nose... called ...  The '55 / '50 xxx'32 delivery with the roof removed, gov'ner's wheels on FTE AXLES...

... called ; MY MOTHER THE CAR...

MBX,  '56 GM. pickem up...called ; LOAD O' BULL...

 on a 55 bel-air gasser base / interior / engine...FTEs

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kylejake 2/28/16

Nice Job Smitty! Love the truck

This Ranger Rig is a possible candidate for the 50 gram race. It was the 2nd ranked car in the old fantasy league. I've ran out of FTEs, but the next C4 meeting will have some for sale.


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kylejake 2/28/16

Tracksurgeon don't wait to long the 13th is coming fast!

This race should be posted on the RLD Calendar...

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kylejake 3/1/16

It is!

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72_Chevy_C10 3/2/16
Event coordinator

Cars are on their ways. Tracking #...

9505 5113 5444 6062 4785 48

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kylejake 3/3/16

Please let me know if you are sending car's out. Just trying to get an idea on how many RedlineDerby racers are racing in the 50 gram race.

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2seven 3/4/16

Hello, I will be sending out cars your way soon thank you!


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kylejake 3/7/16

Chris I received your car's Saturday in the mail. Thank you!

I have a Way 2 Fast that weighs exactly 50 grams but is 3 1/4 inches long. Could I still enter this car for this race?

  • [3] 50 gram sloppies boxed for a ride south... — fordman
  • Ummm, the rule is 3 inches, so I would so 'no'... — 72_Chevy_C10
  • ...that's like saying, the rules are 50 grams, but I have a really fast car that weights 55, can I run that? Rules are rules — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Let's see if I can make one tomorrow. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • ask the johnnies... 3" may be from the plexi door to the rear wheels... overhang may be ok... — fordman

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