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When: Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hi Guys!

I just found out the LJLRC are having a pretty big event going on in July...The DieCast Jam!

It might be pretty cool to run an event in conjunction with this! It's a long time off, but that should give us some time to think of something! Maybe the 'Summer Nationals'? Championship Race?

I'm thinking of heading up there for the Diecast Jam...Maybe Smitty could venture down? Anybody else?

we could bring a track so not to interfere with the johnnies gig...
maybe a modded show at the same time...
That's what I'm thinking, Smitty!
maybe a "modd while they watch" gig... we bring some kits to give away...
Sounds good...lots of time to plan.

I look forward to seeing some ideas develop in this thread. I think it would be great for the RLD guys to help the LJLRC and make this event a big success. 

They host a lot of our races and it would be awesome to give back a little and help them out!

Thanks Chris! We actually have our first Board meeting for the Diecast Jam on Saturday February 28th to start laying the groundwork. I spoke with Smitty lastnight about you guys doing a Mod Ya Rod seminar on Saturday July 25th at the Jam and I will be talking to the Board about this. I love the idea! Anyone interested in coming you can like and follow this two day event on Facebook at LJLRC Diecast Jam 2015.

I'm assuming that there will be some big races planned for that weekend? Do you think it would be possible for RLD to have a race that weekend too? It would be cool to have something going on there!

 IMO......Saturday will be vendors at tables selling / trading  johnnies and hot wheels,  Jeremy can secure a table for RLD, we [those that live close enough] could modd some cars while folks watch Saturday... modding might cramp their style on Sunday...600 cars...

 if we can swing the Saturday MODD YA' ROD thing maybe we could set up a table for RLD modders to sit and modd a few cars while people watch...with a selection of KITS sent in by modders living too far away, with all being for sale / auction with the proceeds going to A WISH COME TRUE...[the johnnies club's charity choice]

 a Sunday RLD race would be up to the johnnies club as they will know how hectic it may be and if we fit...

 PM. ljlrc  or C10 with thoughts

Great idea. I wish conventions would have workshops.

I talked with Jeremy from LJLRC last night and they are just getting this event planned out...but it sounds like it will be pretty cool! I'm planning on heading up there, and hopefully, Smitty will be coming down. 

It's too early to have a handle on what I'll be doing up there,  but I like Smitty's 'Modd yer Rodd' idea, so he and I will probably be building some customs! 

It would be great if we had a race going on and LJLJLRC could host on Sunday, while we are there.  Mark it on your calendars, Guys! It sounds like good fun!

If anyone is going to be representing RLD at an event, let me know and I'll make sure you get some appropriate swag to wear and hand out. Which reminds me I need to order some more business cards...I'm plum out.

Just PM me with when and where you'll be going and I'll do my best to hook you up. And I'll certainly promote your visits and the events, just post and let everyone know.

send some cards to the finals host, they can drop a few in with the returns...

Brian send some business cards and anything else I can promote Redlinederby at our club. Also email me the Redlinederby logo to

I can probably get a handful of kits ready for modding. Any suggestions? Most of you know how I build, so if I drill & tap some bodies (include the screws I use), strip the paint, include some FTE axles & axle tubes and I can probably reseal everything back into a factory blister if it makes it easy? Someone LMK and I'll get busy.

I'll be sending some swag to Jeremy along with some other cars here this week. Not sure how many stickers I have left...might be running low. I'll try to get some more to Smitty and Raab too, depending on what's left.

Chris, I'll ship you some cars to hand out too, just for prizes or whatever you guys come up with.

Both you guys have RLD shirts, yes?

Delta6 Chris Raab and Smitty can't attend Diecast Jam in July but if you want to send a bunch of cars that kids and adults can put together that would be great. Please call me with any questions on my cell at 401-248-1625. Let me know ASAP what your plans are. 

My mailing address is 7 Vista Drive Lincoln RI 02865 ATTN Jeremy Morin

Kylejake, my plan was to have 5 complete kits available for assembly. Everything would be included, except I can leave the bodies stripped for paint.

I'll ask to see if they can include an RLD sticker with each kit. I'm sending some to RI soon.

Redlinederby thank you very much for the awesome donation to Diecast Jam. The days are ticking down very quickly with only 25 days left!!!

Delta6 are you still sending the kits?

i have a couple kits, a very easy W2F & straight pipes mod, i'll send some...

Very sorry. Got busy. Wife had Cora Lani on July 2nd.

BUT! I still slammed these out tonight. The cars are complete. All I did was drill out the posts and strip the paint then reseal everything back inside. I figured people could add their own weight, polish, or even add different axles/wheels. I will ship them tomorrow Priority Mail to get them there in time.

COGRATS!!! From the Trkr House!!
Thanks buddy!
Now that's dedication. Congrats! Pretty name.
That's a big baby!

i mailed a parcel to lincoln this am... a 2 car, u- build [kit] and a modded FTE '34 coupe racer from the gremlins down at the sloppy shop... go ljlrc go !

Shipped: 9505500024095197000030

Anyone know how this event went?

Yeah...ditto. Hopefully they'll post something on their site soon (and then here). Can't wait to see photos too...interested how such an event is organized and planned. Gotta be a ton of work that we can't even imagine.

talked to the johnnies. good weather, raced 600+ cars, made $ for charity... cool

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