LJLRC Japenese Domestic Market Modified Race

kylejake Tuesday, 9/13/2016

LJLRC modified race October 9, 2016


Theme- JDM = (Japanese Domestic Market)


Japanese vehicles - concept, racing, custom, prototype or production. 

Honda, Acura, Nissan, Datsun, Infiniti, Toyota, Scion, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Subaru,  Mazda, Isuzu, etc.


47 grams max. (2gram tolerance for scale variances.


Must fit on standard hot wheels orange track, 4 inches long, 1.5 inches high max.

Maximum of 4 cars per entrant.

Wheel limitations- any wheels and axles NO WHEEL BEARINGS. 

Dry lubes only

Must have drilled rivets 

NO stretching the casting or chassis.

Medal for first place winner only.

Winning cars cannot be run again at LJLRC 

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mail in address -

Jeremy Morin

7 Vista Drive

Lincoln,  RI 02865

Entry fee- 50 cents per car.


Just to clarify, any Japanese brand car?  Or any Japanese car that is sold on (their) domestic market.  Asking cause you guys are purists and not every Toyota is commonly available in Japan.

Or did you mean "our" (USA) domestic market.  Only Japanese cars available in the USA?

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VoxxerRacing 9/14/16

The cars allowed in this race, are Makes and Models from Manufactures that have their World Headquarters in Japan or Asia.   If a Make or Model is made in another country, that is allowed, i.e.. Toyota makes cars in the United State, but HQ is in Japan.  What is not allowed, is say a car has a Toyota engine, but is in a GM car.  GM's HQ is in the US.  The Package or base plate, in which the die cast came in, must have Make and/or Model.  Nissan Skyline or just Skyline.  It can not  "just look" like a Skyline.

Hope that helps


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