Local HW Club Swap Meet

NastiNatiRacing Saturday, 3/23/2019

Not bad for $12! This morning I took my boys to the Greater Cincinnati Hot Wheels Club Swap Meet. They had tons of cars for sale and prices were up and down, but I’m happy with the little bit of purchasing I did. One thing that I noticed was that everyone I talked to is into racing but there was no track set up. I read a post from LOS a few months ago and he said “anything that I can do to grow the sport”, now we can argue the point about this being a sport later but that’s not the point. I want to break down the Forever Track and set it up at this event next year or at a similar event and have a live race and hopefully more people will look into redlinederby.com. Second thing I noticed was that everyone there is all about the Drag Bus. I would go as far to build a car just to beat the Drag Bus to shut up the 4 guys I talked to about racing. Overall it was a fun eye opening trip that has sparked a few ideas, and some good buys! 


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WorpeX 3/24/19

Those are some NICE FTEs. I remember getting burned by that Speed Bump FTE pretty bad in an old Mail-In (RNL) a few years back... youtu.be/KJwFOCvlL50?t=369

  • Thanks for the reply. I have only been racing for the past year, but it looks like it has come along way in a little bit of time. — NastiNatiRacing
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