Look what I'm printing

SavageSpeeder Tuesday, 3/10/2020

i have to put it together once printed


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redlinederby 3/10/20
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Nifty. So is it just a push down on that big square thing to release?

Yes the square thing comes off to put it on the base.

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WorpeX 3/10/20

Think I like this idea for a release better than what 3DBotMaker has. The more I use his gate, the more i'm starting to dislike it. By pressing on the left tab it will also tilt the plastic gate to the left side with it. I'm not entirely sure how this effects the cars, if it all, but its something to note. Having the relase between both cars in the back would solve this. Even if it lifts the front plastic piece up, since its centered, it wouldn't give either lane an advantage.

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SpyDude 11/10/20

Nice work on that.  You could probably tweak it a little and expand it to a four-lane start, too.

  • 4 lanes doesn't fit the size of my printer — SavageSpeeder
  • Print a pair of two-lanes and a connecting bar? Still, really nice work. — SpyDude
  • gr8 idea I'll have to try that — SavageSpeeder
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KPS_Kustomz 11/10/20

I like that...very clean!

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Gunslinger 11/11/20

Is the file sharable? 

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