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Dadvball Saturday, 3/21/2020

I've had numerous people ask me about building them a track and as much as I'd like to sometimes time is an issue but just as much an issue is figuring out what to do for a finish line. I'm considering building some small foldable tracks in the 8 ft range to fit a table top.  I've got the starting gates down, just need finish lines. 

Have any of you guys built or experimented with a paddle/flag type finish, similar to the HW one from years ago?  I'm trying to keep my costs down to sell it cheap so anything electrical is out. Not to mention I don't have the patience or knowledge to mess with it. If 3D was still making his I'd go that way because it's worth it and parents wouldn't hesitate to pay a little more for a quality finish line. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


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LeagueofSpeed 3/21/20
Event coordinator

The future is building the audrino type...I'm heading that way...but Iet me see what I can find out...the Maxx Traxx Finish line might still be roaming ebay.

I have a max trraxx finish line... It doesn't work very well... Try looking on YouTube... Search DIY hotwheels finish lines.

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