Low Odor Mineral Spirits are worthless

MoHasAFastCar Saturday, 5/28/2016

I stripped and repainted the remaining original wood doors in my 1920 house with CitrusStrip a couple years ago.  That "less toxic" product works great, took off 50 years of oil, lead, latex whatever paint off really well.  Works on Hot Wheels cars great too.  Package says to clean up with mineral spirits.  Not really sure why, when I do cars I just wipe down and rinse with water an sometimes soap and they come clean.  But hosing down wood doors not the best thing for them.  So, followed directions, but as the kinda person who would use less toxic paint stripper, I also went with less toxic low odor mineral spirits for clean up.  Worked great.

But since I've said that even water and soap cleans up CitrusStrip residue, not a big achievement.

I've given the left over "low odor mineral spirits" a chance on every solvent needed clean up opportunity over the last three years and it's failed every time.  

Today, the final straw was just an oil based min wax wood stain.  Gave the last about a cup worth a chance and like barely registered...a half tablespoon of pure gum turpentine and everything clean.


Just sharing cause you probably use some spray paint on custom cars and it needs solvent clean up, and maybe you'd be tempted by some HEALTHY solvent.  No.  Does. Not. Work.

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