Magical weekend of cars!!!

Variation-Jason Sunday, 5/2/2010

Is anyone going to the Orlando convention? I'll be there.

Racing, custom contests and so much more!

You can find all the info at


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Bandeezee 5/21/10

My wife would kill me if I traveled for Hot Wheels, lol. I just race them with my family, I don't get to spend too much money on them. We're still working on getting more track (hopefully continuous track soon) and a better start and finish line.

That sounds like a lot of fun though. I actually just finished a trade with a guy from North Carolina that said he was going to go to a convention next month. I bet this is the one he was talking about. Make sure to reply back on how it goes.

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redlinederby 5/21/10
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A convention is going to have to be within driving distance for me to make it worth my trouble. I'd love to go and see all the cars and meet folks, but unless there's a convention in Michigan, Indiana, or Penn, I'm out of luck. I guess I'll just have to host a Redline Derby convention here in Ohio!

However, the more I've gotten in racing (thanks to this site) I've found my budget for Hot Wheels stuff has grown. Granted, cars are cheap so that's easy to get away with, but finish lines, starting gates, playsets and track can get deceivingly expensive if you don't pay any good toy should, huh?

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markkaz 5/21/10

I haven't been able to attend an out-of-state convention for a few years.
I won't be at any this year either. Just the main one in Cali since I'm here.

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