Mail in mod tournament?

redlinederby Friday, 9/10/2010
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Wondering if there's enough interest in doing a mail-in mod tournament? Still 16 car tournament and there would be some restrictions for cars, but I'm thinking winner would get....something...??....all the cars......not real sure exactly. But thinking the tournament would run through the normal Fantasy League game maybe as the last race. There wouldn't be an entry stage, just bracket picking.

But it'll only work if there are 16 players interested...15 if I include myself.

Anyone interested? Bad idea? Good idea?


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JDC442 9/12/10

I want to mod an old Baja Bug my girlfriend recently found at a rummage sale. But I'd rather we do the Mod Race in season 3 so I can have more time to get it done.

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Jobe 9/12/10

Mail in modified race? Hell yeah. I'll even host it if you want, or let me know where to send a car!

Might try two cars per person to get 16, not sure how many folks out there are really modifying cars.

I'm about to get started on a few new ones, we'll see what happens.

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markkaz 9/12/10

Sorry, I don't do any modifications at all. I have always wanted
to but I just don't make the time.

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Bandeezee 9/13/10

Sounds like a great idea, but I don't have the time right now to mod any cars (plus I've barely dabbled in it to begin with).

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David 9/13/10

I'm in.

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