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Making mountains, building up the scenery

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EcuWeeEcosse 5/26/20

Here's a slightly more authentic British car park for you (well, European and Japanese, which is what is mostly on UK roads). Sadly American muscle is a much rarer sight on UK roads than it is in blister packs on UK shelves. 

  • That’s so cool. I love what you’re doing — Chaos_Canyon
  • I wish we had parking lots filled with imports. Heck, I'd take muscle cars too. All that's around me are big, stinky pick-up trucks. — redlinederby
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SpyDude 11/11/20

The model railroader in me is overjoyed to see all this scenery.  The shop towels idea is a very good one - thank you!  When I built my layout a while back, I used the old glue-soaked newspaper over cardboard route..

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