Maryland diecast trade show & downhill racing

Saturday, July 12th, 2014
redlinederby Thursday, 6/19/2014
Site manager

Presented by the Charm City Collector's Club

Scheduled Events

Downhill Racing Stock Competition

  • Up to 32 slots
  • $1.00 per entry
  • Carded Basic Hot Wheels

Downhill Racing Run Whatcha’ Brung Competition

  • Up to 32 slots
  • $1.00 per entry
  • Anything Goes as Long as it Fits on the Track

Downhill Racing WTA Treasure Hunt Challenge

  • Up to 16 slots
  • $1.00 per entry
  • Carded Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels

See Official rules for more details

Pre-registration for these events are accepted and diecast vendor’s will be on hand

Send email to for more information


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model40fan 6/19/14

yea right... I sent 3 cars for March... nothing...not even a return PM...

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redlinederby 6/19/14
Site manager

Wow, didn't realize they had such a bad rep, bummer. I hope the Maryland guys are aware of it so they can work on fixing it. 

I just got their mailer and figured it was something to add to the calendar. Although it's good to know about the lack of online follow-up so others know. Guessing their focus is on live entries rather than online/mail entries. 

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FOTF 7/4/14

I asked them about if they were accepting mail-ins on their Facebook page, and messaged Goolz through FB (Smitty warned me about what happened in March).  Haven't heard back yet, but I'll let you know if I do.  I hope they get it fixed, too--I've got a van that tends to run best on Dragtracks, so it would be nice to have something else to do with it.

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Goolz11 9/8/14

I just want to throw this out there... I apologize for the lack of follow up... I'm trying to get better at this. We have a club meeting once a month and I was trying to get mail-in entries involved. It's not just racing at these events. I was pretty sure that I had sent all the entries back to their owners with a copy of the brackets. If I didn't fulfill my obligations, please let me know and I will try my best to make correct this. I have a blog and a new website that I've also been trying to maintain with all of our race results. Again, I apologize for halfarsing this… I will fix this! Please email me at I haven't been keeping up with facebook like I should. Two other club members have been handling messages there.

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