Maryland Downhill Racing Events

Saturday, November 7th, 2015
Goolz11 Wednesday, 10/7/2015

Charm City Collector's Club


The Maryland DieCast

Trade Show &

Downhill Racing Events

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

10:00 am – 3:00 pm

AMF Country Club Lanes

9020 Pulaski Highway, Middle River, Maryland 21220

Show Events:

Downhill Racing Stock Competition

Up to 32 slots

$1.00 per entry

Carded Basic Hot Wheels

See Official rules for details.

Downhill Racing Run Whatcha’ Brung Competition

Up to 32 slots

$1.00 per entry

Anything Goes as Long as it Fits on the Track

See Official rules for details.

Die-Cast Vendor’s will be on hand

Pre-registration for these events are accepted.


Racing to begin by 12:00 pm

Vendor Tables also available on a first come, first serve basis!

Email or call for details: or (410) 657-5988

Check us out on Facebook: C4 Hot Wheels

Follow us on Twitter: C4 Hot Wheels


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2seven 11/4/15

Hello, I would like to send cars out today for the "run what ya brung" race this week. Are there spots still available? Will I have my cars returned, if I supply funds to do so? Where do I send them to? Thank you in advance for the info.

  • 2-7--I would try calling him at the number provided; I don't know how often he logs on to RLD. — FOTF
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2seven 11/4/15

Thank you, I did and left a message. I also posted on Facebook and sent an email. Do they return the cars after the race? thank man!

  • You're welcome! They've always returned mine--I had some out there earlier this year which are now back. — FOTF
  • I don't know if I'll get any out for their next race, but hopefully I can race against you there sometime! — FOTF
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2seven 11/6/15

I have 5 cars headed to Maryland and should land today. Lets see how they will stack up

  • Go Man Go! — CrzyTrkrDude
  • Sweet. Report back on timeline and return shipping too, just so it's known. — redlinederby
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2seven 11/11/15

Very happy to report:

I also received a message on FB stating the cars will be sent back soon. Pretty stoked to step away from RLD for a race and have that outcome, it really is a tribute to you all and the great info you have shared!


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redlinederby 11/11/15
Site manager

Awesome, dude, way to carry the flag! Is that the same Bull you entered in the other race? Nice to get some more mileage out of that thing. It was a burner.

And thanks for the report on their customer service...good to know. Maybe some others will enter every now and then so we can take over Maryland too. 

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2seven 11/12/15

thanks guys, that was a exciting news. Yes RLD, it is the same Double Bull, I just gave it a refreshing and rolled the dice again.

  • Congratulations! That thing is gorgeous. Great work! — KandORacing
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2seven 11/20/15

My cars were sent back to me yesterday. They also included a Club Car and a $5 gift card to Toys R Us as prizes. Very cool and nice prize. I'll be looking to jump into another race there. Thanks


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