Matchbox potential?

SinisterGrackle Saturday, 8/10/2019

This is the Blue Shark from the latest batch of 50th Anniversary Superfast castings. Has anybody picked one up and sent it down the track?


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Dadvball 8/10/19

I haven't even seen it on the pegs but I'll be grabbing one if I do so I run run it in the MB class at our club races. Thanks for the post!

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LeagueofSpeed 8/11/19
Event coordinator

Red Pill Racing has it on his youtube channel...believes it might be the fastest casting of 2019

  • I have the originals and they can go very well, which is why I have more then one.. When I get my hands on the 50ths.. they will go head to head... — madmax
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redlinederby 8/12/19
Site manager

That's a sweet casting. Gonna have to keep my eye out. I don't usually scan the MBX pegs, but guess I need to start!

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