Matchbox potential?

SinisterGrackle Saturday, 8/10/2019

This is the Blue Shark from the latest batch of 50th Anniversary Superfast castings. Has anybody picked one up and sent it down the track?


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Dadvball 8/10/19

I haven't even seen it on the pegs but I'll be grabbing one if I do so I can run it in the MB class at our club races. Thanks for the post!

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LeagueofSpeed 8/11/19
Event coordinator

Red Pill Racing has it on his youtube channel...believes it might be the fastest casting of 2019

  • I have the originals and they can go very well, which is why I have more then one.. When I get my hands on the 50ths.. they will go head to head... — madmax
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redlinederby 8/12/19
Site manager

That's a sweet casting. Gonna have to keep my eye out. I don't usually scan the MBX pegs, but guess I need to start!

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GspeedR 10/6/19

I grabbed one of these from Wallyworld a few weeks ago. I remember this casting as a kid and always liked it's "Speed Racer" inspired styling. This is definately my favorite metal-on-metal car of the year, so far.

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Dadvball 10/6/19

Still looking for this. None of the walmarts near me ever have one on the pegs. 

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WorpeX 10/7/19

Another one to look out for, if you're at Target, is the Mercedez Benz 6x6. It took down an FTE on my track (Ford Mustang GT) in a recent tournament I did and I was fairly impressed by it. That said, it did lose to the Fast Fish FTE in the next round. Still impressive.

  • I had this is white and it was pretty quick. I'm going to have to try to find this one — HotwheelShaun
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WorpeX 10/12/19

Huh. I found some of these SuperFast castings at a Walmart and picked them up. The Blue Shark is HEAVY!! Haven't raced it yet, but man, i'm excited to do so. However, I was deeply disappointed to realize that the other 2 SuperFasts I got had Rubber wheels.... not so super fast I guess... ppreeetty disappointed there. Not so sure what i'll do with them.

  • I smell a wheel swap — redlinederby
  • prob not, I have too many wheel swap projects already and not enough FTEs to go around! — WorpeX
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Dadvball 10/12/19

I finally found the Blue Shark yesterday a the Stop & Shop market. Overpriced @ $7 compared to WalMart but I couldn't pass it up. It got quicker after several runs down the track but I haven't tried it against anything yet.  

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