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May The 4th Be With You Race

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SpyDude 6/4/21

In case anyone is wondering what has happened to Formula Diecast Racing, the racing has been put on hold due to a death in the family.  Here is the link to his Facebook post.

  • Thanks for the heads up — RaSungod
  • Thanks for filling everyone in. I am almost finished with Round 1. Sorry for the delay. I was out of the state for over a week. But I have been working on the video in all my free time. The initial rendering took 36 hours. So it's a slow process but I'm almost through! — Formula_Diecast_Racing


I just want to give you a quick update.  

I'm sorry for the HUGE delay in getting my videos of the races uploaded. I greatly appreciate the patience.  I have been hesitent to say much of anything about the delays as I do not want to seem like I am making excues.  The short of it all is that I have bitten off more than my computer can process and life has happened... a lot.

Since starting this channel I have started a new job and have been dealing with taking care of and raising my family.  In addition to that I had a death in the family which resulted in me being oit of the state for a period of time and no progress was made on any videos during that time.

My computer is having massive issues processing the slowed down and high frame rates I have been trying with.  One initial rendering that I did that slowed my recorded frame rate from 120fps down to 60fps with no additional graphics processing took over 48 hours to complete.  With each edit my computer seems to be struggling to handle the workload.  Many many times I end up with the spinning beachball of death and a little note popping up saying that the program is not responsive.  This alone has slowed the editing  down a lot.  Therre has also been many comments about the quality of the videos being "poor" and I think this is partly due to the processing and partly due to the learning curve.  Like I said I feel like this is just making an excuse but it is the truth none the less.

I have ran most of the runs from the Inaugural Invitational and 24 Seconds of Lemons races and all of the Star Wars May the 4th Be With You Race.  I still have the last two runs of the Inaugural Invitational and the 24 Seconds of Lemons Races to find out who is the fastest and slowest at the track.  My Slanman Customs Timer failed to ever work correctly and so I have had to resort to measuring the time by using the camera footage from start to finish.  Not my ideal choice of timing, but it's getting the job done.

The May the 4th Be With You Races have all been run but now it is just the slow post processing that is bogging down the process.  I am going to be releasing each race from the first round as it's own video rather than all races from round one at once.  I might do this also for round two but I have not decided one way or not yet.

All cars that were sent in and that met the requirements/rules to be raced WILL be shown.

I also am debating on doing a Go Fund Me or something to try to help speed up the process of saving for a computer that can properly handle the video editing.  I am curious as to what you think about that idea.  I feel like it is begging but I also feel obligated to everyone who has sent in a car.  

I am holding off of any other new races until I am ALL caught up. I really want to do a Steampunk Themed race, but until I can get caught up it will be on the back burner and will be my reward for being ready for races again.  

Lastly if you wanted your car back I will be working on getting them sent back ASAP!  The fastest cars from the Inaugural Invitational and the slowest cars from the 24 Seconds of Lemons will be the last to be returned as they will be raced against each other to find out who gets the top/bottom spots.

Thank you for understanding and please don't give up on me or my channel.  I am going through the start-ip growing pains.

Best regards,
Formula Diecast Racing

  • Thanks for the update John! It is a lot of work and I appreciate the effort! — G4DiecastRacing
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SpyDude 10/3/21

Bumping the thread for info about the race and our cars.


  • Messaged him of Facebook last week, no reply…. — RLoRacing
  • He has two of the videos up on YouTube, but radio silence since then. — SpyDude
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RLoRacing 10/26/21

Bump: so I take it this race won't be posted and we are not getting our cars back?

  • Last post on Facebook was July 9th. Otherwise, radio silence. I guess I’m writing off the car, and this track, too. — SpyDude
  • Just realized I haven’t gotten my car back from the 24 Seconds of LeMons, either. Well, there’s two down …., — SpyDude
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CrazyEights 10/27/21

This has happened a few times. People not doing races and going silent. Returning some peoples cars while keeping others cars and return postage. One dude has actually kept the cars from his last two events while not even filming the last event. Builder beware! Watch who you build for. It takes all kinds even in the diecast world. 

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SpyDude 11/15/21

Hello, everyone-

I just wanted to bump the thread and let everyone know I received my cars back today from both the May the Fourth race and the 24 Seconds of Lemons race today.  On top of that, FDR sent a very nice thank you card along with them, apologizing for the long wait for the videos and the return of the cars, and thanking me again for participating in the races. He has had a very rough year with personal issues (including a death in the family), and has been busy sorting that huge mess out, too.

FDR: Thank you for hosting the races, and for the safe return of our cars.  Several of us had given up on you and any hope of getting our cars or the money sent back, and had written them off as a learning lesson. The only criticism I can give at this time is COMMUNICATION. Even if it's just a quick "Hi, busy as hell on my end, haven't forgotten you", that is still a lot better than radio silence. All we ask is that you keep us in the loop with an update every now and then so that kind of problem doesn't arise in the future.

Rant over.  Good man, good track, hope to be able to race on it again.


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