Memorial weekend results

redlinederby Sunday, 5/30/2010
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The results are up! Find out where you fell in the final race of the season. ... surprises/

BUT REMEMBER, the season isn't over until June 6, next Sunday, so now is the time to unload the cars from your garage in a last effort to up your score. The difference in between 1st and 2nd (right now) is less than 300 points, so things could change quickly before Sunday.

Garages will be closed on Sunday, June 6

Following the last race, Hurricane Chase is the leader just barely edging over JDC 442 Racing.

Good luck! We'll see where the pieces fall on Sunday and crown the first RDR Fantasy League champion.


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markkaz 5/31/10

Cool beans! I hope 3,000 points is enough of a cushion to hold onto 3rd place.
I don't know how many points they have in their garage!

I'm looking forward to V 2.0 !

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Bandeezee 5/31/10

Nah, I think you're set at 3rd. I just wish I would've kept that Corvette ZR1 FTE now I would have had some major trade-in points. Stuck at 6th for now, but I have a feeling I'm going to get passed up this week.

Can't wait until v2 starts up. Thanks again Brian for all your work on this.

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redlinederby 5/31/10
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v2 is coming right along, got a lot done over the long weekend. The hardest part has been making the interface for the game, not the actual game mechanics, which is kind of opposite of v1.

I'll be interested to see how much standings change this week with trade-ins.

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redlinederby 6/1/10
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Wow! The VW Thing had 1600 trade-in value. Nice! That's a perfect example of how a car can quietly get the wins without making a big deal. You don't always want the best car, just one that can be consistent.

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JDC442 6/1/10

The two cars I just couldn't let go of were the Vette and Stang FTEs. I figured those two cars were probably the fastest overall. I still wonder how they would do head to head and also against the dreaded Rover. I'm glad I trusted the Vette's ability to beat anything out there because the trade in points I got for it were what gave me the slight edge over the Hurricane (Chase was so dominate, I figured he'd be the top dog. If points stay the same, I'll consider myself most fortunate! ).
That was an absolute blast Brian! Thanks for everything, and bring on v2!!!
Jim JDC442

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drosales 6/3/10

I am so far out I forgot about trading in... So I picked up some fast ones today in hopes of winning some races for the tune up for 2.0 We are picking all new cars for that right?

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redlinederby 6/3/10
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v2 will be a complete reboot of the league. I'm retaining your profile information, but cars and scores will be reset...and in this case, there isn't an entry garage like in v1, so it won't matter.

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