Mid Florida Mods

RustedRedwood55 Thursday, 10/18/2012

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http://media-cache-ec4.pinterest.com/up ... HJt5pJ.jpg


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tastelikedirt 10/18/12

That's a mean looking bunch right there!

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EconoCarl 10/18/12

IMO the Willys looks much better with those wheels.

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model40fan 10/19/12

that's a great looking florida fleet

http://assets4.pinimg.com/upload/190558 ... 4u5Epa.jpg
Car Show Impala
(not much rymes with Impala. )
JL 69 Impala
FTE Wheels
Removed hood

And it's almost TLD green!
(you know, his Midddleweight builds.)

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model40fan 10/27/12

stock '34 coupe base, SLOPPY '34 coupe base, note the J.B.QUICK rivit holes under both of the axles, narrowed madfast wheels up front, sweet 16 II rears, w/s posts tilted forward [vertical], midmill's roof header and visor added to make the '32 a 1930 model A. ; Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
the j.b.rivits really help keep your axles attatched to the base, if it loses adhearance it still can't go anywhere.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
Photobucket test

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model40fan 10/31/12

i see it cuts off 1/3 of your pix. to the right, me too...[ pix are too big should be 700] tld explained how to fix... i just take the pix to the left, less work

Im doing the same right now...

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
A-OK body, 32 Ford engine, Midnight Otto base, 67 Firebird wheels.

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model40fan 1/21/13

that body is an A-OK, [1928/29] model A , has a visor... way 2 fast [1932] a model B [with 4 cylinder] [a model 18 with a v8], but has no visor...love the mid night otto base... makes for a good looking ride... GO HAMMER GO !

Painting a Flashfire right now, and it's gonna be pink. Don't know why, but it is. Pics will come soon, along with a Skyline I painted in the Bulgarian national colors. STAY TUNED!

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