Mini Truck Madness

Saturday, October 8th, 2022
Hosted by Blue Ribbon DieCast
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GoldenOwl Saturday, 8/6/2022

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Mini Truck Madness

Datsun 620 pickup

60g max no grace

1 entry per person/household

• All weight must be hidden and or not exceed height of truck bed. Camper shells and tonneau covers are ok 
• No stretching body or chassis,
• No  bearings 
•Black wheels only No fantasy wheels, No clear/green/orange etc. you know what I mean 
It is ok to:
• Fill windows 
• Smooth and fill body lines 
•Sand and smooth chassis
• You can go up/down in wheel size
• Hog fenders
• Cut wheels
• FTE’s, NPA and Tubes Ok 
• Dry lube only 
Custom paint or decals not required but encouraged!

• This will be race #10 for the DieCast Drag Racing points series.

• Round 1 will be a timed event with the top 16 times moving on.

• Round 2 drivers will be randomly paired together for head to head racing until a winner is determined.

• This race will be held at the new 
Blue Ribbon Raceway 
20' Seamless Hot Wheels Orange track

Entries due by October 8th 2022
Include minimum $8 return shipping if you want your entry back. If it costs you 10$ to ship it to me include 10$ not 8$, don’t be that guy.  If you do not include shipping it goes to the winner.

•Please include Race ID slip.

Race will be held and cars returned at hosts convenience.

Send to: 
Blue Ribbon DieCast 
C/O Donavan Kinyon 
3691 Beckworth Drive 
Napa, Ca. 94558

•Trophy for winner


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BiffsPlace 8/6/22


BlueLine in

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Driepe51 8/6/22

Let's see how bad of a drag build this can be for me lol. I'm in brother! 

I'll jump in!

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Big_Mac 8/6/22

I'm in

Put me in bud! Mini Trucking yeah!!!

Man Child Motorsports would like to get in

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Sam_Haul 8/6/22

Sign me up, my good sir

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Sneaky_Bob 8/6/22

I'm in.

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Numbskull 8/6/22

This sounds awesome.  Count me in please.

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RLoRacing 8/6/22


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JACRacing 8/7/22

Im in

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