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Mini Truck Madness

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Lily the Dog will take a shot!

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SpyDude 8/7/22

Sure, why not? 

I would like to enter this race. Those trucks are pretty quick. 

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Big_Al 8/11/22

I'll be sending one.

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RustyWheeler 8/15/22

You already know I'm entering! 

I'm in!!!

DeeJay ..... DeeZasterDC

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PuffsRacing 8/30/22

I like to send 1 in.

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ToplineTim 9/4/22

Hot Jamn Racing is in!!

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SpyDude 9/23/22

SpyDude's shop truck, heading out tomorrow.

  • Right on, this looks awesome! — GoldenOwl

1st time racer, long time fan..

Hope i qualify.

  • Welcome to the races, and good luck! — SpyDude
  • That’s awesome dude, I’m stoked you’ll be racing with us! — GoldenOwl

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