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HotWheelsCalgary Thursday, 7/12/2018

So back months ago I made contact with the Southern Alberta rep for Castrol Oil.. In our meeting we got talking about the NHRA  Rocky Mountain Nationals at Nisku,Alberta. He said he would work on getting me tickets. Thru the months we kept in touch and then over the last bit it seemed like it wasnt going to happen. Then it came down to Monday getting an email saying he could get me general seating tickets. Ok.. Not the VIP tickets I had hoped for, but its still free tickets so I took it as a blessing. I went to store yesterday at lunch and got a case of water to take because water there is so expensive. Then in the afternoon, God performed a miracle. Out of nowhere there's this email..from Castrol...." This is an invite to join us as a VIP at the Rocky Mountain Nationals"! I stopped breathing for a moment. The VIP section includes all the non-Alcoholic beverages you want, catered lunch and supper, upgraded seating, and a gift bag. I'll be honest... I cried...
It took me a few minutes to get my breathing back in order.. I emailed the rep to thank him and he replied saying to take his phone number with me so I could call him when I got to the track...ready?... So he could come pick me\us up in a golf cart! WHAT!?!?!
God is still in the job of performing miracles!


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LeagueofSpeed 7/12/18
Event coordinator

Fantastic Aaron ...enjoy your day...and were some ear plugs!!!

  • Bag of ear plugs and 2 sets of ear muff style ear protectors in the "track bag" — HotWheelsCalgary
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Dadvball 7/13/18

Congrats!  For a number of years I was able to go to the annual IHRA event in Epping, New Hampshire with a couple of work buddies. Always had a great time.  Hope you have a lot of fun!

Thanks guys!

This is my 3rd year in a row going, 4th time ever(first one was in 2007 when Castrol did the same kind of thing for a bunch of us at the parts store I was working at at that time).

 This year will be extra special in that A: The VIP treament for little ole me and my friend that will be joining me. B: Over the last year, over Facebook and what not, I have developed some friendships with some of the racers, photographers,etc, so it's going to be a chance to meet them face to face and really solidify those fiendships. C: I'm planning to do a bunch of filming and possible interveiws for the YouTube channel, so that should be really cool when it all comes together.

I don't think I have ever been so exctied about going to the races as I am right now! I wish I could do the full weekend, but I'm counting it a blessing to get even the one day in!

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