Modern Muscle Meltdown – Feb 27th Event Review and Footnote

CutRock_R_Marc_D Friday, 3/1/2024

I have been meaning to write up reviews for some time, but alas at times things get away. I hope members find this review helpful.

Modern Muscle Meltdown - Event Review      by Marc D - CutRock'R

This was the first event to be held at the new Boomtown Raceway 4 Lane Track. The inspiration for the track and timing/speed came from DCR. DCR had a famous 4 lane track set up, running monthly drag races for several categories of cars. For diehard drag racers, this was a must watch, or must compete in type event. The top builders at that time all competed there. DCR also had some great “tips and tricks” videos, well worth seeking out on a rainy youtube day.

Boomtown Raceway is operated by Thomas Filipiak of the LCDRL. (Low Country Diecast Racing League) Himself a great builder, and proven event organizer. To construct his vision, meant the decommissioning of Boomtown Speedway. A sad moment for many of us, as he ran the Street Stock Series there, what a fantastic event that was, complete with great production and editing! (Again well worth watching the whole Series on a rainy day!!)

And so Thomas (no doubt with assistance from Keith and families) set about his new 4 lane venture, also recreating the results screen (ala DCR) with Top Speed achieved and time, place for each car! Great backdrop diorama to boot! Well done.

Entering: Entering was easy. Advertised on RLD, as well as the LCDRL FB site. (A useful site to join). There was no restriction on number of entrants. This has been a big issue for me for many events, as by the time I see some events down under, they are full up. The other well planned part of the event, was that there was a great “lead in time” , so plenty of time to find cars, test cars, and for me, to allow 1 month for the post to get there. (Though of late post times seem to be getting more reliable.)

Cost: Yes, many events now days have a cost attached. My advice is to do “due diligence” and evaluate “Bang for Buck”. What does that mean? Ask around, is the event organiser reputable? Do they send cars back in a timely manner, or at all? Do they run events on time? Do they answer emails or messages? How are the cars treated and track maintained? “Bang for Buck” ie How many runs will I get, what does the organiser offer, etc. Ask around.

From previous experience with both Thomas and Keith, entering this event was a no brainer. The quality of the event, fantastic trophies, and cars returned in almost as good a condition as they left. Usually they forward my return cars to my US Logistics Manager, but having won a round of the Street Stock Series they sent the trophy and cars directly to me. I was astounded, first class! So yes, $5 a car entry, and I think the US cost to return cars (US) was $10. I cant comment on US post costs, as you seem to have a far more complex internal mail system than Australia.

Around 77 cars started the event, and over 80 when late arrivals are considered. An epic task to race off, film, edit, post up etc. My understanding, a complete day of just racing, The racing was conducted close to posted schedule. Tick. And edited / posted up in daily “nice size bite” installments. However I’m sure the boys have looked back learned what works best, or what could be done better etc, as any great organiser does! As someone who enjoys watching, I enjoyed the epic journey. It was also a nice touch when the late arrivals got a video run for themselves on the track. Tick. Results were also posted on LCDRL FB site.

Post Event: My cars overall ran a stellar event, also taking out the Champion Car. Well, a huge box arrived the other day, complete with a near two foot trophy, and a magnificent printed aluminium plaque. My cars were also in the box, looking in great condition. A quick test run, and all are great, a testament that they were well looked after! (I will do an analysis vid in time.) So cars and trophy returned in a timely manner. Tick.

Overall, I can thoroughly recommend a LCDRL Event! Many thanks to Thomas! Their next Event is at Flips Strip, the 31-35gm Championship, within the next couple of weeks. Check out the RLD Calendar!

Thanks all,

Footnote: I just wish to thank (hug) all those that have reached out to me through a very difficult time here. I tragically lost my 28yo son on Valentines Day, he is yet to be put to rest, sighs. There are no words….. Take care all, Marc D


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dr_dodge 3/1/24

LCDRL did a fantastic job for my wifes, and my 40 year aniv.

Husband vs Wife in Funnycars.

They were returned promptly afer the race in perfect packing

and the production was top hotch

Thanks to the host!!!  and thanks for the review, marc D


  • Thanks for responding, and also adding to the review. Take care, Marc D — CutRock_R_Marc_D

Communication was great with LCDRL and my (very slow) cars were returned quickly - ummm... they got fast AFTER the racing.  Lol!

  • For me, getting my cars back, especially being so far away, is important. Analyse, retest and see if you can find the small differences that may assist you for next time. Good luck out there, and ty for the further insight for this event. — CutRock_R_Marc_D

Sorry to hear of your loss.    All the best to you.

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Numbskull 3/2/24

Marc, that is very sad news.  I am sorry for your loss.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


  • Very much appreciate your thoughts and prayers my friend, Marc — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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GBURacing 3/2/24

Sorry for your loss, God Speed and may your grief be deep and complete and your memories sweet and eternal.

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redlinederby 3/2/24
Site manager

Sorry about your son. Strength to you, your family, and friends.

And the race reviews are's something I'd love to see more often around here. With so many races from lots of different people, it can be difficult for new folks to determine which is worth you say, bang for the buck. Any sort of customer service recap is wonderful because we all know this hobby goes well beyond what you see on YouTube.

I am hoping to add some sort of rating/feedback system to the site down the road so people can do quick reviews for races and clubs, birst-hand accounts like yours are much more valuable. Thanks again for sharing.

Excellent job Marc, LCD probably the most efficient race hosts in diecast racing. I've had a few people ask me "where their cars were 2-6 weeks after an event. I always try to get them back within a month if the person is in the US. Meanwhile some hosts are allowed to keep cars a year or never send them back at all without consequence. I wish there was a rating system for those hosts. Most people won't complain ona public forum but if it was a rating system you might get back more honest feedback.

  • That's my thought too. More people would be willing to give a quick 1-5 star rating over a complete sentence. Something is better than nothing. — redlinederby
  • My thought too...people would give a 1-5 star rating more willingly than a thoughtful sentence. Something is better than nothing. — redlinederby
  • Thanks for adding/inputting into the review. — CutRock_R_Marc_D

Thoughts and Prayers for you and your family... May the Angels lift your Son into the heavens and allow him to rest. 

It will be my 2nd drag race, am really looking forward to it!! His videos are top notch!

So sorry to hear of your loss. No loss worse than losing a child. You & your family are in my prayers brother.

Marc, I can't imagine the loss you and your family must be feeling. My sincere condolences to you all.

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EnZedRacing 3/4/24

Great review mate! 

Due to work commitments I don't get to enter many big tournaments in the USA so to read about them is the next best thing. You're right about their communication,  it's top notch!  Once again, a bloody good read and I reckon LCDRC will be quite chuffed to read your words.

Side note: haven't bothered you of late due to what's happened but just know that us Kiwis (a few of us) send our love and thoughts to you and your family.

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