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redlinederby Monday, 2/11/2019
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NOTICE: 3DBotMaker is no longer producing or selling track accessories. Use this thread for reference and ideas when designing your own finish line accessory.

Saw this come through 3DBM's Facebook feed...looks like he's working on a finish line/timer combo accessory. Glad he started moving into the combo space. I'd love to see a complete set of finish+start+timer. 

To be honest, not sure if I dig the redesigned finish line. I was a fan of the numbers over the lanes instead of just a light on top, but not a dealbreaker at all. And I hope this might suggest he's also making a starting gate + timer as well to compliment things. 

Then when I went over to 3DBM's Etsy shop, noticed that the starting gates have gotten an update too. It now looks standard that they come with track connectors on the back so you can extend the lane for a stacked release. Pretty spiffy.

And if that wasn't enough, there also a lane stopper add-on for 2-lane setups. It's not much, really, and I don't know how much the foam on there will do with heavy mods or how it will wear over time, but it's a nice low profile. Probably not a replacement for your catchboxes but something worth having in your toolbox.

Adriel over there at 3DBotMaker is certainly busy!! He's mentioned to me that some of his products are on back order and he's awaiting parts, so if you see something you know he's sold in the past but it isn't in the Etsy shop (like the lane timer kit), just hold tight. It'd be nice of Etsy offered a "Sold out" listing but alas.

Anyhoo...check out all the goods from 3DBM and don't forget to check out all the reviews and commentary on accessories in the archive.


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NDeavers80 2/11/19

I bought the stop and yes it's lacking because I have a short stop area but with a rag down to slow the cars first it's fine.  I think if I had more room for the cars to slow down it would be fine.  

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redlinederby 2/11/19
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I helped beta test some 3DBM stoppers a while ago. They had springs and stuff in them, quite fancy compared to what he's selling now. But I found a big issue with those prototype ones was the connectors coming out when the heavy mods slammed into it. The design and concept was of those things that I think sounded great on paper but in practice didn't feel right, at least not for heavy racers like our crew.

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3DBotMaker 2/11/19

The light up numbers were sacrificed for more height clearance. (60mm) The lights on top are also more visible if you're viewing it from the side or up above. 

  • Cool...totally understand, it's all about trade-offs. Nice to have the added height for sure. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 2/14/19
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And the details keep trickling in...caught 3DBM's latest FB post about the updated finish line and timer. The updated line has built-in connector for the timer cables, which is cool if you have that, but the bigger win of sorts is that the line is now a pass-thru for track rather than start/end of tracks. This is a nifty idea but also means you'll have to put holes in your track to allow the sensor to peek through. That's not bad, per se, but an extra step that some might frown upon. 

Alas, the timer isn't up for sale yet so I guess we'll just keep waiting. And I really, really hope he's making a start gate with the same feature - and then a bundle with all 3 in it for one handy price.

So we'll keep watching and dreaming... 

  • 3 timers did go up for sale with the finish lines, but as usual, they sold out. I should have more available in a week. — 3DBotMaker
  • An upgrade part to add timer sensors to the new EXT start gates is in the works. — 3DBotMaker
  • Cool. Thanks for the info. Sounds like it might be time for mass production! :) — redlinederby
  • No holes required Brian. It works in conjunction with orange track with the blue connectors. Just have to slide two pieces and line the hole up over the sensors — 41-14
  • Holes would be required for older track segments, or seamless. Very cool that he engineered them to work with current track stock though. — redlinederby

Ok here's a quick question... How do I get my hands on the new finish line? I found the new EXT start gate but the finish line wasn't listed.

  • Etsy doesn't show things that are out of stock, so you'll just have to check back. Or if message 3DBM and he can probably get you a link and the shop will send you an email when they're available. — redlinederby
  • Ok. — SavageSpeeder
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Go_Time 4/13/19

Does anyone know if a "new" 4 lane finish line is in the works?  

  • not sure but Adriel is ALWAYS either working on something, has something ready to go, or has an idea up his sleeves — SavageSpeeder
  • Yes... a new 4 lane is coming... I got that direct from Adriel himself. — CalgaryDiecastRacing
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