Moving and rebuilding a track

NDeavers80 Friday, 6/15/2018

My track was in an upstairs spare bedroom for almost the year and I was getting tired of it sitting on the floor but there wasnt room to build a stand. Yesterday the wife and I cleaned a portion of the garage and put it out there. Currently the start is sitting on a cabinet the has a cracked shelf so I can't add anything to raise the start so it has a speed bump at the end of the 6 lane. I would like to find a new start table reorganize the garage because the track is only at about 12-15ft I'd like at least 20. 

Its a work in progress


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LeagueofSpeed 6/15/18
Event coordinator

I see only one thing left to lanes 3 and 4....join the movement 

  • Eventually. I will I just want everything right before I do. — NDeavers80
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redlinederby 6/15/18
Site manager

That plywood wall is a good candidate for a shelf track too. Then you can define the height and everything. And when you don't want a track, you get a useable shelf out of the deal.

Looking good Nick !! Nice start !!

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NDeavers80 9/13/18

Adding to the racing area

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Mopar_Mafia 9/15/18

looking good, have fun with it

  • Trying to. Need to get some bugs worked out of it — NDeavers80
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