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Muscle Mania 2021

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NDeavers80 1/22/21

Don't get to excited yet lol. I won't be able to start filming races until Saturday night. Going to start with the low riders. Was only able to get the team show done yesterday because my wife had hand surgery and I had the day off to take care of her. I wanted to start low riders last night but working 2nd shift than being up at 3am to get her to surgery I sorta ran out of energy last night.

  • Its all good man you do what you gotta do!!! — Mattman213
  • How'd the surgery go Nick? Hope all is well. — CrazyEights
  • Everything went fine. Thanks — NDeavers80
  • Awesome. I've been playing nursemaid too. Mom had to get stints put in her legs, so I'm Mr mom molly maiding it for the time being. — CrazyEights
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Mattman213 1/23/21

Good racing so far!!!  Keep em coming Nick and thanks for hosting and everything that goes along with it!


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NDeavers80 1/24/21

American muscle is delayed might get video tonight but there's an announcement video that y'all need to watch for

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NDeavers80 1/24/21

  • Nick, it is your track and host. What do you think? At times I thought the jump was funny and I mentioned that. However, rerunning is time consuming and I would not wanna take away someone‚Äôs win unless they agree to it. Maybe a compromise would be to keep the winner and rerun then put those two against each other. I will gladly go with the majority. Thank you for noticing and correcting. — DXPRacing
  • I'm thinking of redoing the race same brackets. If there is a different winner racing both winners just to try and keep it fair. I might be able to do one side a day before work and edit it after, having it post in the middle of the night. So with 4 races needing redone I might be able to get them posted by Thursday or Friday. — NDeavers80

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