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Mustang Summer 2019 - Official Thread

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LeagueofSpeed 8/20/19
Event coordinator

I'll get the points updated this weekend when I get back home 

That was a learning experience to say the least. For all the other first time race hosts, maybe a 64 car field is not the race to start with. Even with hosting being twice as much work than I thought it would of taken I still had a blast racing all the cars and also feels good that we got to contribute to Mustang Summer. The hardest part Is editing the race footage for sure. Next time I have to find a better way to organise my cloud of race footage, they all look like the same video in my cloud. Finding the correct video ended up being the most annoying part. But at the end of the day I’m happy with the end product, but will have nightmares thinking about what 3D has to go threw to produce his films. 

  • Man! I think you did an awesome job hosting, top notch. Great job, and congrats to the summit racer boys they were fast. I liked how during their races one of your boys had his fingers crossed...I got a kick out of that. — Go_Time
  • Thanks, but also congratulations to you not just for winning, but making the usual suspects step it up in the near future, when was the last time your red car lost a race? Everyone is going to have to up their game to keep up with go time. Hats off to you, and very glad you enjoyed the videos — NastiNatiRacing
  • Content creation and video editing is no joke, man. It's deceivingly time consuming. But you overcame trial-by-fire, dude, and way to go! Sometimes learning the hard way is the best thing you can do. — redlinederby
  • You did a great job on hosting. Congratulations to Summit Racers as well. They did fantastic. — Red_Pill-Racing
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Rocky 8/27/19

Just joined redlinederbyracing and love these races! I have a question that I am sure has been asked before and answered but I see that the finish line the Red_Pill racing track is not even, or at least it looks that way to me. One timer mark looks an inch longer than the other which to me would make a big difference but I am sure there is an explanation and is made equal some way. Thanks

  • I asked the same question. Red pill explains it as the sensors were registering on different sides of the eye. Hence the offset. He would have better insight to this as it is his track. I pronto know how exactly this works. I have the same timers and they seem to work just fine when I line them up opposite each other. Mind you I have the timers facing the same way with the cable facing one way. That might be the difference right there. — 41-14
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Diecast64 8/29/19

RLD’s Mustang Summer rolls into Southern Utah. In this first round action cars have to win two in a row in alternating lanes to advance to the next round. I split up the first round into two videos, odd numbered cars and even numbered cars.

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Diecast64 8/30/19

Round 2 action!

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Diecast64 8/31/19

This wraps up Mustang Summer from D64 in Southern Utah. Action from the Sweet 16 thru the championship race. Enjoy!

  • Man, awesome racing and great video. Congrats to the winner! — Go_Time
  • Yes great racing! Congratulations to to the winner! — NastiNatiRacing
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MDG_Racing 9/3/19

Mustang's have arrived back in Houston ready to take on the 'Htown 1/8th Mile Hustle'.

Good luck racers. Glad to have everyone at the Bayou City Diecast Raceplex again. -MDG

  • Awesome my Brother...thanks for hosting again — LeagueofSpeed
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LeagueofSpeed 9/3/19
Event coordinator

I'll get the points updated before Friday...two races left.

Are the cars still in Houston?

  • No...back in NC for the video footage of the Houston race...going to get the points updated this weekend — LeagueofSpeed
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Go_Time 10/13/19

Whatever became of this race?

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LeagueofSpeed 10/13/19
Event coordinator

I've got the cars for the finale...just been slammed with life in 2019...planning to run the final race next weekend with the Boneyard Classic...same track...I'll get the points updated before the race.

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LeagueofSpeed 10/19/19
Event coordinator

Due to time constraints and upcoming races...I've decided to call Mustang Summer after 7 races...we usually go 8 races, but this one just got away from me with my Dad's passing and working out of town every week. I'll get the get the points updated for races 6 and 7 and get the final point standings as well...this won't happen next Summer as my schedule should return to normal. I'll be getting the Stangs shipped out and back to everyone...thanks to the Racer's and the Host for another Summer of Racing Action!!!

Peace and Speed-League of Speed 

  • Understood. Thanks for the all coordination effort...a success no matter what. — redlinederby
  • Yes, I agree. Thank you LoS!!! — Go_Time
  • Successful series of diecast races for sure LoS. Thanks for all the efforts. Looking forward to 2020 Charger Summer — MDG_Racing

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