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Mustang Summer 2019 - Official Thread

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LeagueofSpeed 6/26/19
Event coordinator

Yes...he's acknowledged that he has the cars 

  • Well then... guess we just gotta wait — WorpeX

First of all I want to apologize to everyone for the long delay. I pride myself on getting cars turned around quickly when hosting however I had some things come up that were unavoidable. That being said, let's get it on at Red Pill Raceway!

Red Pill Raceway is touch over a scale 1/5 mile at 16 foot 9 in. The cars will start at 32" high on a 6 lane raceway before they transition onto 9'1" of uncut track for the run out. The winners are determined by dual 3dbotmaker timers that are triggered simultaneously with the release of the Stargate. I'ma bout to get this thing started as soon as I make this post so the races should be posted very soon. Again I'm sorry for the delay but I hope you guys enjoy the racing. The brackets will be posted below.

  • Alright! Ready for part 2. — WorpeX
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LeagueofSpeed 7/5/19
Event coordinator

I'll get the point standings up to date this weekend...Mustang Summer rolls into Texas...

The cars have arrived in Cincinnati! Have a family packed weekend, so we will begin racing Monday night and plan to have the cars back on the road by Friday the 9th. 

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