Mustang Summer 2019 - Race Schedule and Track Host

LeagueofSpeed Friday, 3/1/2019
Event coordinator

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                                 Tracks meets the Guidelines listed below.

1) Tracks must be a minimum of a scale 1/8th of a mile with two(2) individual lanes of racing.

2) Tracks must have a 3D Botmaker Finish Gate or 3D Botmaker Dual Lane Timer System or a Aurdino(sp) timing system.

3) Tracks must have a Dependable and Safe Catchbox for the cars.

Also, all host must be willing to pay the shipping cost to send the cars to the next track/host.

                  Mustang Summer 2019 Racing Schedule (subject to change)

Race 1 - Tobacco Road, NC

Race 2 - Red Pill Raceway, GA

Race 3 - Bayou City Diecast Raceplex, TX

Race 4 - Philly Slopes, PA

Race 5 - Forever Track, OH 

Race 6 -  D64 2 Lane Track, UT

Race 7 - Back Road Raceway, KS

Race 8-  Bayou City Diecast Raceplex (short track), TX

Race 9 - Tecumseh Proving Grounds, MI 

Race 10 - Quest Speedway, NC (start of the NC Double Header Finale)

Race 11  - The Dixie Haul @ The Rock 1/2 Mile, NC 

                        MUSTANG SUMMER 2019 - OFFICIAL SCHEDULE


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41-14 3/2/19

What kind of turnaround are you hoping for between races. 12 tracks I’m guessing a week between racing. 

  • That would be the formula...the goal is 12 tracks...but I'd be OK with 10...we had 8 tracks last summer for the Vettes. — LeagueofSpeed
  • Ok. That’s what I thought. Reason I ask is the time between races. I’d be interested in hosting but it would, IMO, to much of a turnaround between tracks with the shipping. Not to mention the cost of shipping to Canada. — 41-14

Dang those rules are a good idea but I haven't gotten mom or dad to cough up the $$$$$ to pau for all the track necessities.

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LeagueofSpeed 3/2/19
Event coordinator

I'd let your Finish Gate pass the Track Host Inspection TE....very similar to Robby's on his D64 2 Lane Track...there are some exceptions.

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LeagueofSpeed 4/11/19
Event coordinator

Still looking for 6 more host tracks...TE, your setup is fine by me if you want to host and HWR just let me know when you get your 3D Botmaker accessories and some track info....and if you two(2) host, then we'll need 4 more tracks.

Also, on my end...would you rather start on Quest Speedway and end on Tobacco Road or does everyone want to end on Bootleg Run...let me know.

Peace and Speed - League of Speed

  • end on the boot... Those ponies are going to wild on the duble switch back. should do a bonus race in the dark vs a cop... get it runnin' shine... lol — HotWheelsRacing
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LeagueofSpeed 4/11/19
Event coordinator

***Also...Mustangs are due at the League of Speed Racing Grounds in 7 weeks...believe it or not.***

You can sign me up for hosting a race. Give me the date and I will be ready. 

  • Okay...I'll start to finalize the schedule in early May — LeagueofSpeed

The best time for me if I get the track up in time would be sometime in July.

  • okay...Robby may have them in Utah in that would be better shipping wise...Utah to SD — LeagueofSpeed
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WorpeX 4/14/19

I would like to host but I am no math wizard and cannot figure out what 1/8 of a scale mile is in feet. My track is 19ft long. I have a 3D Bot maker finish line and starting gate. I would video the race while its at my track!

Let me know if I am eligible to host and I would love to do it!

  • Your set-up is just fine and your close to scale 1/4 mile. — LeagueofSpeed


You have about a scale 1/4 mile

1/8=10.3125 ft

Also according to your picture your track is 18'10"

is it a 45 degree slope

  • 18'10 is preeetty close to 19ft, I just rounded up. Should be a 60 degree slope if the website I calculated it with can be believed — WorpeX
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LeagueofSpeed 4/14/19
Event coordinator

Okay...we've got NastiNatti...HWR and Worpex on the host list.

So, we need 3 more tracks/host to hit 12 tracks for Mustang Summer. 

Do I need to resend my mustangs?

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LeagueofSpeed 5/4/19
Event coordinator

Mopar Mafia is racing but not hosting....NastiNati and Worpex are on board as host. I'm adding host tracks repond directly here in the thread and I'll host again on Quest Speedway if need be. 

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