Mustang Summer 2019 - Race Schedule and Track Host

LeagueofSpeed Friday, 3/1/2019
Event coordinator

Mustang Summer 2019 will Go Green in just 3 I'm starting to get the Racing Schedule organized and looking for Track Host...the idea is to race on 12 tracks this summer and so far we have 6 tracks ready to host the let me know if your interested and if your track meets the guidelines listed below.

1) Tracks must be a minimum of a scale 1/8th of a mile with two(2) individual lanes of racing.

2) Tracks must have a 3D Botmaker Finish Gate or 3D Botmaker Dual Lane Timer System or a Aurdino(sp) timing system.

3) Tracks must have a Dependable and Safe Catchbox for the cars.

Also, all host must be willing to pay the shipping cost to send the cars to the next track/host.

Mustang Summer 2019 Racing Schedule (subject to change)

Race 1 - Tobacco Road, NC

Race 2 - Red Pill Raceway, GA

Race 3 - Gulf City Dragway, FL

Race 4 - Bayou City Diecast Raceplex, TX

Race 5 - D64 2 Lane Track, UT

Race 12 - Bootleg Run, NC 

So, we're looking for 6 more tracks to host the Mustangs...reply here or PM me. get in those Workshops and Build some Ponies!!!!


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41-14 3/2/19

What kind of turnaround are you hoping for between races. 12 tracks I’m guessing a week between racing. 

  • That would be the formula...the goal is 12 tracks...but I'd be OK with 10...we had 8 tracks last summer for the Vettes. — LeagueofSpeed
  • Ok. That’s what I thought. Reason I ask is the time between races. I’d be interested in hosting but it would, IMO, to much of a turnaround between tracks with the shipping. Not to mention the cost of shipping to Canada. — 41-14

Dang those rules are a good idea but I haven't gotten mom or dad to cough up the $$$$$ to pau for all the track necessities.

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LeagueofSpeed 3/2/19
Event coordinator

I'd let your Finish Gate pass the Track Host Inspection TE....very similar to Robby's on his D64 2 Lane Track...there are some exceptions.

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