Mustang Summer 2019-Workshops and Updates

LeagueofSpeed Monday, 10/1/2018
Event coordinator

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So, what's going down next summer...we are going to let the horses out of the coral...and separate the Stallions from the Lil Ponies!!!

You have 8 months before we go no two (2) Mustangs and get ready to race for a Championship in the Summer of 2019!!!

Any year Mustang is eligible/ Funny Cars of course...Stock or Modified...the field will cut off at 32 teams/64 cars. The weight class will be 60g.

So, like I excuses...The Legion will be bringing the Speed...8 Ponies strong!!!

I will bump this every month until we go green in late May/early June 2019.

Now you know...Good Luck!!!


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Jav74 10/1/18

I’ll be there. 2 cars. I knew it would be mustangs by a comment you made to someone somewhere recently. I should start messing with a couple now. That way I have plenty of time to buy more when the first ones don’t work out so well. Lol!


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41-14 10/2/18

Two divisions like corvette summer or are stocks and mods raced in the same division. And you know we’ll be bringing the heat. 3 teams strong 

  • Stocks and Mods would race against one another...just like Corvette Summer — LeagueofSpeed
  • Sounds good. We’ll be there. — 41-14
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LeagueofSpeed 10/2/18
Event coordinator

I've got 2-3 Mustangs on the blocks to be built for AM2...hopefully they can make the cut for Mustang Summer as well...the Lady of Speed's white Stingray she ran in Corvette Summer was built for and ran in  AM1.

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NDeavers80 10/2/18

I'm in.

  • Wouldn't be the same without you Brother — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thanks looking forward to the blue wave... Id be interested in hosting too — NDeavers80
  • That would be great...I'll put you down when I put up the official thread in March. — LeagueofSpeed
  • Cool. I've got the 25 ft and I've got the 6 lane that can be anywhere between 8 and 16ft — NDeavers80
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Dadvball 10/2/18

I'm in. Being a long time Mustang guy there's no way this one is sneaking by me. Gotta go by a 2019 calendar so I can list it in January. 

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LeagueofSpeed 10/3/18
Event coordinator

I've got to have 8 I'll build one or two a month and hopefully should have 8 contenders ready by Summer 2019., the Lady of Speed won't accept any sleds under her banner!!!

...and somehow...someway...Speed Force's will be faster than mine!!!

...Speedzilla is just glad to be there.

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MDG_Racing 10/3/18

Mustangs just happen to be one our favorite castings @ MDGRACING 

We've got blue ovals with Speed! I'm feeling the need for speed !

MDGRacing I totally agree. I feel the need, the need for speed however once we hit bootleg run (assuming its on next year's schedule) Im going to Tokyo drift all over u guys. Bring all The NOS boost u want bc I guarantee I will win it even w/out boost. 

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LeagueofSpeed 10/4/18
Event coordinator

...all I've got to say...there is ample time...and The Legion will be Fast...Very Fast...Build...Test...Scrap...Build...Test...Solve the Riddle of Speed...and you Stock better fine some fast Ponies...or You are just gonna be Free Points........... 

  • Lol! Well put, Sir. — Jav74

Im going to get my butt in gear and build one.

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DC-WHEELS 10/9/18

You can count me in for Mustang Summer.

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