My 3 Year Anniversary on RLD

LeagueofSpeed Tuesday, 1/7/2020

Wow...time flies...needless to say I've enjoyed my time here and the Community as a whole and grateful to be trusted as a Event Coordinator...No other place I'd rather hang my racing hat than here at Redline for having me and racing on my Tracks.

Peace and Speed-League of Speed


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redlinederby 1/8/20
Site manager

Your contributions, efforts, and dedication cannot be overstated, my friend. Without The LoS, RLD would be a sad, husk of a site where I do nothing but talk to myself. 

Thank you for 3 years, and to many more.

My pleasure my friend...thank you for such a wonderful playground not just for me...but all of us who call RLD home.

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Mattman213 1/8/20

Very cool, congrats and like said above, thanks for all you do!


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WorpeX 1/8/20

Wow! Congrats! I've been here at least 8.... love RLD!

I encourage everyone to go to the archives and go to last page and skim through the topics/ threads as you make your way through the years...I still feel like I missed a lot...which I did, but it is pretty cool to see how far the sport of Diecast Racing has come in the last 10 years. I feel the site is healthy again and growing at a good rate...which is what we want. This place is and should be the Mecca for Diecast Racing...would love to see some the old guard back as regulars...but one can only control and implement there own contributions.

Peace and Speed- LoS

  • We've come a long way, for sure. I'm also going to spend some time going through the archive looking for old hidden gems. Hope to bubble some back up to the top or rewrite as needed. — redlinederby
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