My attempt at YouTube

BlueLineRacing Monday, 6/8/2020

What's up everyone. Here's my humble attempt at YouTube. I'm going to try to do some one on one mail in races. This will be a channel where if you have a grudge against someone that you want to settle you can send your cars here and get a fair best of 5 on my quarter mile scale drag track. Also I'm considering doing a 1 on 1 mail in vs my current King of the Hill car. I need practice modding cars so this will give me an excuse to build more. Look for updates to follow.


Good luck out there!


Good video....Just a suggestion...the intro is 13 seconds....try cutting it down to 4 seconds.....Just felt like I was waiting for something to happen.  Take care!

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LeagueofSpeed 6/8/20
Event coordinator

Great Job the fact that you're Building cars and getting out there and Racing instead of just flapping your gums!!!

Peace and Speed-League of Speed 

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