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dustdriver Friday, 10/16/2020

I'd like to share some more of my track layouts and ideas. I found that I really enjoy testing various track parts and Hot Wheels sets, for example I used the 4 Lane Start gate box, connected to basic track, then into a split track segment, and then into the Curve kicker track set. Eventually I want to custom build some wide track, likely made of cardboard, but I would need it to switch back into a single lane of track towards the end of the track somehow. I also plan to use Lego Road base plates to make the wide track segments look soemwhat more like a real road, but I have also thought about getting even more realistic types of road tape to use that on a custom track someday. I have the 4 Lane elimination track on it's way from Amazon. I can't wait to try that out and find cool ways to use it and maybe connect it to other tracks and track compatible sets. I also picked up the curve track set which should arrive in a couple days. 

Here's a link to my videos. Hot Wheels Racing

I really like the Hot Wheels Curve Kicker, combined with Blaze Blast, they work really well together.


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dustdriver 12/3/20

Photo from my next Diecast Racing video which will be uploaded to my youtube channel very soon. 

  • How is that starting gate working out for you? I’ve noticed several people on here that have mentioned the rod underneath twisting so that the lanes closest to the lever get a little head start as opposed to the ones on the other side. — SpyDude
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redlinederby 12/3/20
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Cool, man...lots of great work there. Keep it up and things will only get better.

I might suggest making a YouTube playlist and linking to that playlist in your first post. Then when you add new videos to the playlist, it will automatically show the most recent here on the site. Saves you the trouble of having to comment everyday with a new video (plus it makes the page load quicker).

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