My push button start gate design

WidowmakerRun Saturday, 6/20/2020

Here is a simple push button start gate I made.  I will make it look better later.

12 volt door opener solenoid on amazon, you get 2 for $9.  Search for Zone Tech 2-Pack Universal High Power Door Lock Actuator.

Fat Track start gate from JLH Krafts

The rest is talent and trial and error, thats what you need to provide.

Video of it in action here:


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Rusty 6/21/20

That is a great idea!Thanks for the link to JLH also.Looks like they are continuing the builds for diecast racing.The Up Escarlator is very interesting .I've alsways thought about trying build something similar.Look like you have a great  track.Looking forward to seeing their Up Escarlator.

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Chaos_Canyon 6/22/20

Looks a bit like 3D's old start gate from his previouss tracks

Yup.  I am going to have any size car up to 2 inches wide run on my track.  1/64 to 1/43 scale basically.  My first tournament will be " Tournament of Epic Proportions ", to show the range of car sizes that I can run.  90% of the time will be 1/64 hot wheels, but I will mix it up a bit with big vehicles thrown in.

Fyi, on my zoom in car with my go pro, i made some axle tubes super wide and its wheels are 2.5 inches wide to prevent any tip over in the turns and it works great on the track.

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SpyDude 11/5/20

Boy, that was a short race .... :P

Good idea on the solenoids.

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