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redlinederby Monday, 3/11/2013
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Coming up with fun names for tournaments each season (and each week) can be quite the chore, so for this season I'm asking The People.

What would you name a tournament?

Please submit your ideas below and I might pull them as the season progresses. No real limitations shy of keeping it clean. No guarantees that I'll use yours but please share. They can be fun and generic like "Blackwall Brodown" or throw yourself into name with the "EconoCarl 500" - anything goes!

Let 'em rip!


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Mcjiggles9 3/11/13

-Rolling Thunder
-Redline Rumble
- Fast n' the Furious

Just some off the head.

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Stroller 3/11/13

How about?

Pre-War Iron.

In honor of your problems-

Leaky Roof Run Off

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Stroller 3/11/13

How about ?

Canvas Backs Only (meaning convertibles)

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JDC442 3/12/13

If these haven't already been done...
Rookie Rumble (new cars)
Fantasy Fun Run (Fantasy cars)
Brian's Cars (from your own collection)
Donation Derby (donated cars)
Full-On Faster Than Ever (fte cars)
Foreign Affair (International)
All-In (All Pro class)
America the Beautiful (domestic cars)
Bigguns (Trucks, Vans etc)
Another Chance (0 and 1 cars)

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Latinroc 3/14/13

How bout redline invitational

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Stroller 5/19/13

How about?

Zero Heroes. for cars that have never won. Their standing will change.

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Latinroc 5/21/13


Redline 500

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AMH-412 5/22/13

In The Wind
Ready, Set, GM
Slow Pokin Around
Forever Ferrari
Mopar Madness
Ford Fever
Fantastic Fantasy 400
Rush Hour Traffic

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AMH-412 5/22/13

FathersDay 500
Summer Fun Run

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Stroller 5/23/13

BEAST WARS (all cars must be named after animals)

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SSLS6 5/27/13

You could name them after old track sets. Those had pretty cool names.
-Thundershift 500
-Thrill Drivers (Corkscrew)
-Double Duel

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