Nashville convention recap

redlinederby Wednesday, 6/22/2011
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Finally got around to unloading the photos from Nashville and also wrote up a few posts and even a slideshow. You can read and see it all over in the blog: ... onvention/

There will be more posts coming by the end of the week at other blogs I write for, so those links will be added then.

You'll read it several times in the posts but again here want to thank Jason for letting me play on his big track for the good of the fantasy league. The convention was a good time and I got a lot of new cars, all of which will be added to the league eventually.

I also want to congratulate Jobe on winning the Show-n-Go races and also to Jim for his first modded car and beating my Super Van with it. My van was the runt of the mail-ins again. I might be able to program a web site and take good photos but apparently I have a hard time making a car that's capable of beating anyone! Try and try again, I suppose.

Going to the convention was also a shot in the arm to keep the fantasy league going and to keep improving it. It told me that what we're doing online here with our fantasy league is quite unique and pretty special. I can't thank you all enough for your support, motivating me to even go to Nashville in the first place.


Love the picture of the motor that we glued on at the last minute sitting in the middle of the track. That was added for the coolness factor and I never thought it would come off!!

Do you have a full rundown of the voting and racing results?

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Jobe 6/23/11

Yeah, love the 'blown' engine sitting in the track.
Thanks for the recap Brian, looking forward to some more 50' track racing!

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JDC442 6/23/11

Brian~ that's a great shot of our post race. I guess a picture truly is worth a thousand words Thanks for including it. Shows you truly are a good sport my friend!
I have a feeling this is just the beginning of a great history of custom/mod racing between all of us. Can't wait to see what we come up with next. Fun stuff!

For building that 442, I have to give credit to your cust/mod thread on the 'how to' and also must thank Jason for a few tips via email as well

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Jobe 6/23/11

ooo insider tips!

Well let's see who's got the magic touch at the next mail-in race!

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redlinederby 6/23/11
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I don't have any of the final standings for the Nashville mail-in tournament or for the fan favorite. Hopefully Jason still has those and can post them. That engine falling off the one car was hilarious at the show. The catch box on the 50-foot track wasn't very gentle despite being foam padded and with that much energy behind these cars they hit the back wall pretty hard and well, there you go. Lesson to be had, super glue just isn't enough sometimes.

Seeing all the customs in Nashville really got me in a modding mood. Seeing the range of mods at the show really told me that I shouldn't over work a custom. I have the tendency to constantly pick at something and work it to death until I'm frustrated and bored. I need to work harder at defining when something needs to look good and when something needs to race good and focus on one or the other.

My favorite moment was when the motor fell off and the truck pushed it down the track, that was a great piece of history there, lol.

The catch box was a little more difficult to set up this time. There are two pieces of foam for the box. I use a single piece for stock cars and add a second piece for the heavy stuff. When the second foam is added, the light cars will bounce out of the box and back onto the track. We had such a mix of cars this time, that I had to only use a single foam pad to save the lighter cars. The heavy stuff just had to take a hit or two.

I'm looking for some foam like I have for the little (43ft) track. That stuff works great.

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