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redlinederby Friday, 9/3/2010
Site manager

Figured I'd start an eternal thread to announce when new cars are added to The Lot.

The latest additions are always show on the front of The Lot.


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redlinederby 9/3/10
Site manager

10 new cars added today including what I'm gonna bet is a sweet running BMW Roadster and I have high hopes for the Ferrari F50 too. The racing truck looks cool but it has a plastic body with a metal chassis, so not sure how well that will run.

More on The Lot:

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Jobe 9/3/10

I should have raced those and then put them back in the package before I sent them to you!


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markkaz 9/3/10

The Racing Truck is a good model for the power boosters.
Nice additions to the lot!

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