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GoofySouthpaw Wednesday, 5/20/2020

So I hope this is ok to post in here but we are in the process of building a track in hopes to have it on the circuit rotation. I have some ideas of my own but I wanted to reach out to the diecast racing community for some pointers. We are looking to build a drag strip. I would like to know how long racers feel the track should be. We don’t plan on putting any special loops or bends, we are looking to make this as much of a legit drag strip as possible. Also any other pointers would be great and helpful. What you would like to see as far as scenery or any other pointers you can think of. Thank you again!


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Chaos_Canyon 5/20/20

Hey, welcome to your new obsession ;)

I will be building a drag track setup in the future, but only 1/8 mile scale due to the space I have, but I understand most strips are about 20' (scale 1/4 mile). Most tend to use orange track, but some out there are using coroplast or plastic tube etc, cut to size/shape. Then the next thing to consider is height of the drop, or you could do a race/setup like Lambchops world, where they use launchers (link here There is also Mr Mom's racing on YouTube who has a good drag track with additional lanes that they put chase cameras into for a different point of view.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to you and what you like, what space and tools etc you have available and how much time/money you want to invest. Do you want to build a full on themed diorama to go with it? I personally love that look adn am working at upgrading the Canyon as I get a chance.

My opinion.

- Make it as long as you can

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redlinederby 5/20/20
Site manager

Welcome to Redline Derby! Like has been said, build what you can with what you have. If you're going with a classic drag strip, your big limiter will be physical build as long as you can while still being comfortable in your space.

If you scroll to the bottom of the Tracks section, you'll see a handy track length calculator that you can use if you're looking for some "real world" type of measurements.

But whatever you choose, please share your build journey with photos and all. We all love seeing track build progress and new ideas.

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