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NDeavers80 8/31/20

Rivera Racing and Rust Belt Racing have arrived 

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NDeavers80 8/31/20

Herb Parker has arrived also

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KaBoom 9/1/20

Hey Nick, I sent in a second one yesterday. Boom.

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NDeavers80 9/6/20

Update all of the runs have been filmed going to do 2 different things everyone will get a video showing their van and all 3 passes. 

Than a video showing each vans best run will get posted. 

While all the editing and posting is being done the vans will be sent to their next stop. Which is Don Boomershine 

  • Great work ND ! I see MDG pinched my line, good on him! Great to see event on time, and hopefully on budget! Cheers appreciated mate! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Starting to upload videos now — NDeavers80
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MDG_Racing 9/6/20

Cool. Getting the racing going just in the Nick of Time. :}

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NDeavers80 9/6/20

  • All 26 individual runs have been posted — NDeavers80
  • Just watched them all! Looking forward to the 'highlights' video showing each best run. — Fractal_Panda
  • That might be a day or two. My editing software is my phone. It took me all day yesterday just to do the single videos but I will work on it today. — NDeavers80
  • Went much easier than expected processing now — NDeavers80
  • Your Vids were great, and it was very clear what all the times were, so a big tick from me! Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Thanks I tried to make it easy to see without editing than added extra just to make sure — NDeavers80

Thanks Nick, great work, great event!

From your great vids, I just jotted down the results on thew them on an unofficial spreadsheet. 


  • Holy cow that was fast... Thank you. — NDeavers80
  • Hi Nick, yeah I like stats, was doing it for myself, so thought I would share. Cheers & thanks again. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Its very cool of you to do that. — NDeavers80
  • Always happy to assist, where and when I can Nick, cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Great Racing! 6th Place is pretty awesome! But I want to race again! Let's build another one and race them. I figured out what I did wrong!!!! I LOST..... ???? — RIVERA_RACING
  • Rivera they will be racing again. They go to Boom Machines next and MDG after that. We keep your best time and average it across the 5 tracks to get a winner. — NDeavers80
  • NICE! good times.... — RIVERA_RACING
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Uncle_Elvis 9/7/20

1. One day, I will figure out what I am doing wrong with my builds.

2. I ain't last every time any more, so progress.

3. I made 5 van builds and the two I sent were the fastest on a 8 foot long gravity drop drag course--can you imagine how slow the other three are? 

  • Its takes time patience and practice, along with a good deal of luck. My green van that ran the fastest time of the day didnt test that fast. My jaw about hit the floor on its second pass — NDeavers80
  • I'm in the same boat. We are running with a fast crowd! — TheMakersBox
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Mattman213 9/9/20

CRAP.  I failed to make note of this back when I said we would join and completely forgot.  I even have the vans we picked out to mod sitting in my "To Mod" bucket.  :o/



  • Oops I hate when that happens — NDeavers80
  • I got so hot to trot and had EVERYTHING organized when this virus shut everything down and got bored because noone was racing. Now the races are going full tilt and I cant keep up. My poor brain cant keep up I guess is the truth of it. I hate that, I was super into doin some vans too HA! — Mattman213
  • I bought a calendar and started writing everything down because you're right — NDeavers80
  • I need to do that bad. I write on scraps of paper and have so many on my desk I cant keep up — Mattman213
  • Maybe put it on your calendar on your phone — NDeavers80
  • Oh Lord then ide be sure to lose my phone! — Mattman213
  • I ended up putting a Bulletin Board Next to my Track/Work area with a 3x5 index card for each event. Deadline for entry, weight limit and rules so it's all in front of me at all times. I find it to be a big help. — Peter_Bee

I enjoyed the heck out of watching the video last night.

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NDeavers80 9/14/20

I did receive word the Vans made it to the next stop. Track prep is under way and we should get the next round in shortly. 

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KaBoom 9/19/20

Hi Guys, Sorry Did the best I could.

  • Videos were fine! I watched all of them and didn't get bored with it, they were fun to watch. — Fractal_Panda
  • Thank you. Just now watching thank you — NDeavers80

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