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Nick of Time Open

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I've created a table of what I hope are the right fastest times for the 3 tracks so far, scribbled down while watching the videos for the Ka-Boom channel, (with the Race 1 best times taken from Cutrock'R's table of the NDR race times).  Hopefully I've matched up the vehicles correctly between the videos on the NDR and Ka-Boom channels, but caveating that this is just a personally created table and could contain errors. :-)

Just to follow up Fractals work above, there were two tracks used at Ka-Boom's

The following is the full results of each. All care is taken, but if you note any errors, drop me a line. Cheers all. 

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MDG_Racing 9/30/20

Vans, vans, & more vans! The Bayou City Diecast Raceplex will be the next stop for the Nick of Time vans race. Arriving just moments ago. Videos soon.

Let's race! First track Goodnight Trail 1/4 Mile - Good Luck racers

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MDG_Racing 10/30/20

Nick of Time resume in Htown

Many thanks for hosting MDG, well done!

I have collated times from the videos

The following is the full results of each.  Ordered in Fastest Time.

All care is taken, but if you note any errors, drop me a line. Cheers all.

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NDeavers80 10/31/20

Thanks to Marc D for providing the times. He send me this to review and to make it official. I didn't see a problem but if there is please let me know. It appears Congrats are in order to Herb Parker 

  • Thanks for putting this together. Thanks to the fellow racers as well. — DXPRacing
  • You're welcome and thank you for competing — NDeavers80
  • Cheers Nick for the Events, and to all that hosted, thank you! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Thanks Nick! It was fun! — Herb_Parker
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MDG_Racing 11/1/20

Congrats to Herb Parker on his overall win. Herb is actually the man who brought me into diecast racing. We met on the old Race Grooves Community page. Then he invited me to join HWDR Facebook group. And as Paul Harvey would say, "the rest is history." Well deserved victory Herb!

  • Congrats on a consistent van and great overall victory — NDeavers80
  • Yes, Congrats to Herb, & thank you for the back story! Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Thanks for the congrats everybody! That was my first win in diecast racing. I am a casual racer. I don't participate in many events choosing to race mostly with my friend on HWDR. Scott Dunlap was a dear friend and introduced to racing a few years ago before he passed. I have a long list of people who have inspired me and I would love to give a shout out to everyone that have given me tips and inspiration and motivation along the way. I might leave someone out so I won't try to remember everyone on this comment. But thanks again for Nick organizing and the track owners who hosted. It was fun! — Herb_Parker
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Dadvball 11/1/20

Congrats Herb on the win!  Thanks Nick for the race!  It was a nice change of pace to be able to watch your times on different tracks to see how you compared to the other racers.  A big tip of the cap to Marc_D for the awesome time sheets. Great job!

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NDeavers80 11/9/20

The Vans have returned to Tecumseh. Will be organizing and returning them this week. If you have any special return instructions please message me

  • I didn't want mine returned so please do whatever you'd like with it (or too it lol). — Dadvball
  • Will do — NDeavers80

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